2014 Millionaire Scam


Would you like to make an extra income trading online?

Wonder whether 2014 Millionaire is a legit automated tool that generates profits?

Binary options definitely are an opportunity to gain money and benefit from the high payouts it offers, but 2014 Millionaire is probably a fraud, and not the right way to succeed with this investment. Read this review to learn why.

Comparison to serious Signals Services

The easiest way of realizing that 2014 Millionaire is a scam is comparing it to reputable automated trading bots. As an example, we will compare 2014 Millionaire to Optionavigator, known as the top automated signals device in the market today.

The Optionavigator video (and system) does not promise you millions of dollars, it explains how the software works, it informs you of the risks involved, and most importantly, it only allows you to trade through regulated and reliable binary options brokers, a key to protecting your investment.

Although the Optionavigator is free, it does not try to sell the notion that the product is being marketed for philanthropic reasons (a completely absurd idea that the 2014 Millionaire video tries to sell to you), nor that the service is part of a “secret group”. All that nonsense is unfitting for a serious financial product.

Most importantly, the Optionavigator is known as a huge success that has helped thousands of traders throughout Europe earn money. To register and benefit from a real automated service, you should access the site directly.

What is 2014 Millionaire

2014 Millionaire is a scam set up with the purpose of convincing unsuspecting traders to invest money with unlicensed binary options brokers. When making a deposit with an unlicensed binary company your money is at risk, and you might not be able to withdraw profits, or even the initial funds.

In contrast, Optionavigator, Algobit and other reliable binary options robots are accessible only through regulated brokers. In fact, Optionavigator recommends one specific broker per month, with this month’s corporation being GTOptions. GTOptions is an example of a trustworthy firm, regulated by the CySEC financial authority in Europe. It has excellent financial advisers that help you get started, and offers a 100% bonus on first deposits. If you want to start earning money with an excellent signals service such as Optionavigator, the GTOptions site is a good place to start. The robot interface will redirect you to the site this month

2014 Millionaire on the other hand is a system that does not protect the investor, because ultimately, the customer is being pulled into a trap.The 2014 Millionaire scam is exposed when one realizes that this company does not care which broker you are selecting. Regulation ensures that the money is being monitored in a supervised restricted bank account, so that your deposit is safe at all time. Ignoring such safety measures is a sign of fraud.

Other 2014 Millionaire Alerts

The idea marketed by 2014 Millionaire makes no sense. Sometime, using simple logic is the best method of risk management. Here are a few illogical points to consider:

    1. Someone has discovered a system for getting rich…but is giving it away for free
    2. Someone is offering an amazing tool through the internet…but claims it is secret
    3. The 2014 Millionaire video claims that you can only reach the video if invited by a friend, but the video is promoted on multiple sites and forums
    4. The only thing the video does is show luxury items, smiling people and large account statements
    5. There is absolutely no explanation of how this is possible, there are no phone numbers to contact, no company name or email address

All these facts clearly indicate a scam is in place. Binary options and online trading are a high risk investment, but nonetheless, they are a legitimate financial derivative, with a proper regulatory process and supervision. It is not possible to earn millions of dollars through automated trading software, simply because, if such a software would be created (which is mathematically not possible) the financial authorities in each country would not allow its use. Such a system would create huge losses to brokers, and compromise the stability of companies offering binary trading services. In other words, the offer suggested by 2014 Millionaire is unrealistic.

What is automated trading

2014 Millionaire claim to use a fully automated trading software. Automated softwares, commonly used by signal services, are widely used in financial markets, and are very popular. More than 50% of all trades executed daily in Wall Street are performed by trading robots.

Nonetheless, the objective of these software is to slightly improve the overall results a trader would achieve using reliable trading strategies and at least some basic knowledge. Since binary options offer very high payouts, a high-performing binary bot can enable you to earn nice sums of monies, sometimes.

But any software is based on the premise that stock markets are not always predictable. That is why the 2014 Millionaire scheme is untrue. No automated trading system can generate money and never fail. It is technically impossible for an automated system to react to unexpected and abrupt changes in markets tendencies. Especially in binary trading, which is a very dynamic and volatile type of investment.

2014 Millionaire Scam – Summary

    • 2014 Millionaire is a scam. A serious offer to invest in financial markets is not presented as a “secret elite group”
    • Binary options trading is a legitimate, albeit high risk investment. Always prefer to use reliable trading tools, such as Optionavigator
    • 2014 Millionaire do not inform how their system works
    • It also fails to inform which is the company that runs the software, offer a phone number or an email address
    • When trading with binary options, always open an account with a regulated broker
    • GTOptions, the largest broker worldwide, is an example of a trusted and professional financial institution offering online digital options
    • Avoid 2014 Millionaire and always use caution and risk management techniques when trading on financial derivatives