99Binary Scam


Do you want to make money trading binary options?

Want to find out if 99Binary is a company you should trust?

99Binary is a new binary options broker marketing itself as a new alternative for online traders who want to profit from the high payouts offered by this online investment. To understand why 99Binary might not be completely safe, one method is comparing it to the leading corporations of the binary options markets.

Regulated Brokers – Is 99Binary one?

TopOption, OptionBit and RedWood Options are examples of regulated, experienced and reliable financial institutions. TopOption is regarded as the company offering the most complete package of benefits to its clients, which include a 100% bonus, multiple educational materials and professional investment guidance, all features which 99Binary claims to offer as well. Yet TopOption also offers a free signals tool that sharply enhances your chances of success, as well as a privately developed platform and proper regulation. One of the most experienced and recommended brokers worldwide, this broker, the leader of the German market, is an excellent choice.

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OptionBit also have the benefit of being fully regulated and therefore safe. Regulation guarantees that brokers adhere to strict financial laws and are monitored by a formal European financial authority. This is an important assurance for you. OptionBit is also the only broker where you will be able to enjoy Algobit, known to be the most advanced signals tool of the binary options market. This automated trading device is incorporated as part of your trading platform and identifies trades in real time with a high accuracy of success. With high-end technology, it scans stock markets and allows you to take advantage immediately of specific market trends.

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RedWood Options is similar to 99Binary in that both offer video tutorials, although this broker has more than 80 videos available on its side. Likewise, it offers one-on-one training sessions with some of the best account managers in the market. Highly professional and experienced, this company focuses on the USA market and caters to American citizens, maintaining the highest level of customer service. Start by clicking their banner and joining their free online webinar.

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While 99Binary is off to a good start, the lack of regulation is a huge drawback, because it leaves your money unprotected at all times.

What is unique about 99Binary?

99Binary use a marketing idea and base their name on that premise. With 99Binary, traders can start trading by investing only 99 dollars. Although this can undeniably be considered an advantage, it also might be misleading.

Amounts of $100 are mostly too low for someone who wishes to succeed in binary options. Since there is a minimum value per operation ($5) and the normal fluctuation of successful trades vs failed trades accounts for periods when several options might end out-of-the-money in succession, traders investing such a low initial value might end of losing money.

This of course is not a cause to suspect 99Binary of being fraudulent, yet it can be somewhat of a false benefit, especially for new traders with little experience in volatile online investments.

Is 99Binary reliable?

One major issue with 99Binary is that the site offers very little information, or even clues, as to where the company is located, how it was constituted and by whom. Considering that it presents itself as a financial corporation, and considering that it suggests you invest your money with it, 99Binary needs to have more transparency and allow customers to have access to real data about the company.

Therefore any alarm or rumor about a possible scam is understandable as long as this problem is not addressed. For example, the whereabouts of the company are unclear. While the terms and conditions of the site suggest it is located in the British Virgin Islands, the Contact us page suggests the offices are actually in Anguilla, while apparently payment services are at a third address, in London.

There is not a single name of a CEO, manager or any other personnel, which is odd and definitely not a situation that adds to the trust one would desire to have when investing, specially online. Since 99Binary was launched recently, in late 2013, hopefully this problem will be resolved.

Site Breakdown

The 99Binary site is nicely structured and offers mostly video tutorials, as well as a simple platform that is easy to use. It’s asset list is average at best and falls short of the variety offered by top brokers.

In terms of payouts, 99Binary return rate is close to 80%, a value considered well within the average in the market. While the payout percentages have little weight when reviewing the quality of a binary broker (since binary trading will always be a high-paying financial product), the asset list is important.

Since the essence of trading binary options is taking advantage of market fluctuations and real time opportunities, a large and varied asset list, with an array of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, gives you a better chance to profit from any situation. If the list is small, then a sudden shift within the markets that constitutes an excellent moment to invest and earn money might not be available as a result of the absence of certain assets from the list.

To create a winning investment portfolio it is therefore recommended to choose a broker that has a large asset index, and that is constantly updating the list with new options.

99Binary Scam Summary

  • 99Binary is a new binary options broker with an interesting premise
  • For only $99 clients can open an account and trade
  • Nonetheless, operating in the binary options market with such a low value can have negative results
  • As a result, the 99Binary marketing idea is more a gimmick than an advantage
  • This broker is currently not regulated, a major concern and a key reason to avoid this company
  • Although there is no actual reason to conclude that 99Binary is a scam, it should give more precise information about the company’s location and personnel
  • The credibility of this binary broker definitely takes a hit as long as it insists in failing to provide clients with such basic data
  • While not devoid of problematic issues, the 99Binary site is easy to use and considering this is a recently launched company, it shows some promise