About Us


CedarFinanceScam.com started as a simple site alerting fellow traders about the perils of investing with Cedar Finance, a large binary options broker which initially targeted the USA market.

The Cedar Finance scam topic was hot, and we received multiple requests about the reliability of other brokers. We didn’t always have the information, but decided to go after it all the same. More fraud alerts and reviews followed.

Truthfully, we try to recommend companies that we know personally and are willing to invest with ourselves. That being said, we also profit as an affiliate. We refer you and other visitors to our favorite binary brokers, and if one of our leads opens an account, we receive compensation.

By the way, that is another viable way of making money. Virtually all binary options companies offer traders the opportunity to become affiliates. If you open an account and start enjoying your trading experience while profiting consistently, you can definitely suggest this investment opportunity to friends and co-workers, and get paid for bringing new customers.

Binary Options is a high risk venture and can lead to substantial loss of your investment. Please read our disclaimer for more information and trade with caution.