Algobit Review


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Trading signals in the binary industry are mostly unreliable, but Algobit is an innovative tool that offers certain unique benefits to traders. Understand the advantages of using this automated trading device.

What is Algobit?

OptionBit, the second largest binary options broker globally, has recently launched Algobit, a free signals service that is revolutionary in more than one way. This new tool offered by OptionBit is a continuation of the excellent services this broker has been giving clients throughout the years.

Algobit has several advantages over other binary signals services: It is incorporated to the trading platform, allowing you to monitor manual and automated trades simultaneously. It not only identifies the best trades available in financial markets, it also executes each trade, leaving you with one simple task of approving each transaction.  Furthermore, it is the only signals software designed specifically for use in the binary options field.

Algobit is free for OptionBit cusotmer. Sadly, it is not available for USA and Canadian customers, since the company does not accept traders from that region.  If you are from North America, read below which other brokers might have a similar tool and other meaningful advantages. For more information and to start benefiting from Algobit’s innovative automated trading signals, click the banner now.

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Algobit Comparison

Not many binary options brokers offer a tool simial to Algobit.  Nonethelss, some companies do have accurate trading signals which are available to customers. It is important to be knwoledgeable of the top companies in this industry, and understand the benefits they can give you.

Banc de Binary is the only binary broker to offer a service similar in efficiency to Algobit, besides being the only broker  to have both the Cysec stamp and the approval of NASDAQ’s OTC Bulletin Boards (although it does not welcome USA and Canadian clients).  The signals service is available to all clients and is extremely accurate. This system has proven to be one of the very best in the industry, increasing profits significantly. Banc de Binary also offers excellent trading plans and educational tools for your investment, and if you main concern is safety, you found the perfect fit.

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OptionWeb also offers an advanced signals service for free. The system was created by TradingCentral, a reputable automated signals developer. EmpireOption is the only major binary options broker that accepts USA traders, based on its regulatory license which allows it to operate within the Unites States. Besides this advantage, this corporation offers several educational tools and an excellent customer service:

Is Algobit a Scam?

Binary options signals have a mixed reputation. Unfortunately, this is caused by the many fake signals services offered in this market. A signals scam such as AutobinaryEA is an example of this problem. There are basically two types of fraudulent binary signals systems:

  1. The automated device lacking a signals software
  2. The manipulative human signals service

Avoiding both will save you money. The automated trading scam is basically a software that is capable of performing trades randomly without the assistance of the trader. Why is it a scam? Because the software does not analyze the financials markets at all, and does not use monetary data to create trades. It rather simply creates trades systematically and aimlessly.

The human signals scam is more sophisticated, and suggests you imitate the trades of an “expert trader”, when actually the objective is to create a level of trust, and then take you in an epic losing streak that will be justified as a statistical bump. But by then, your losses will be hard to recover. Make sure that you only use human signals when following independent traders, such as clients using a simila platform.

Although Algobit’s reputation may be affected by these fraudulent offers and their awful reputation, in fact Algobit is the exact opposite. This is a real automated signals tool that analyzes the financial markets and identifies situations in which the odds of success are remarkably higher.

This is exactly what a binary options signals software is supposed to do, and in this case, the product developed by OptionBit certainly seems to be excelling.

How Algobit Works

Algobit uses a patented mathematical algorithm especially developed for binary options trading. It therefore takes into consideration the dynamic nature of digital trading and the short expiry terms.

The financial data monitored by Algobit and the statistical equations it uses were all adapted to the needs of real time online traders. This tool can significantly improve your profits and allow you to maintain a consistent level of accuracy.

Since it is fully automated, Algobit is very easy to use. and all it requires is the confirmation of the trades it identifies and is ready to perform. The stream of signals is continual, which gives you the opportunity to profit throughout the day.

Algobit Criticism and Risks

The main risk associated with Algobit is with getting carried away by the system. What this means is that this signals service operates within the binary options platform all day long, and offers a very extensive amount of trades.

Although it is known for its high level of accuracy, these profitable percentages are the result of an entire trading session, during which stretches of inaccuracy are possible. Except that, for an average trader, the volume of trades offered by Algobit is huge, and if a trader gets carried away and starts confirming each signal and each trade created by the software, a bad stretch can spell trouble.

Therefore, caution is always recommended. Binary options trading involves high levels of risk and the essence of this financial derivative is being a speculative investment. Even the best signals service will not reduce the risks to zero, and customer must be mindful and establish the volumes of money they are willing to invest.

Algobit Advantages

Algobit innovates by enabling customers to use the trading signals service and the trading platform as one unit. This allows you to follow your own trades while also viewing the charts created for Algobit’s choices.

Another clear advantage is the increase in profits that will occur once you master the use of this investment tool. Algobit not only created automated trades, but also, by following the sequence of selections it makes, you will gain meaningful experience on how to choose your binary options.

Last but not least, using Algobit is parallel to overseeing the financial markets as a whole, and not allowing any opportunity to get by. Without Algobit, it would be impossible for you to identify and capitalize from so many profitable trades.

Algobit Review – Summary

  • A review of this automated trading system reveals that it is a highly efficient investment tool
  • Algobit is fully automated and send signals that are specific for binary trading
  • The algorithm used by Algobit takes into account the uniqueness of binary options
  • OptionBit offers Algobit for free. Similar tools cost at least 300 dollars a month
  • USA and Canadian citizens cannot use Algobit. GOptions is a recommended broker that also offer signals services.
  • Binary trading involves risk even when Algobit is incorporated to your trading strategy
  • Therefore Algobit should not be considered a risk management device
  • Continuous use of Algobit creates a broader and deeper understanding of this investment