Amber Options Scam


Is binary trading with Amber options safe?

How does this company compare to industry’s top brokers?

Online trading is an excellent opportunity to earn money as long as you avoid risks and are aware of frauds. Discover whether this new binary options firm is safe and reliable.

Amber Options Comparison

The easiest way to understand the risks involved in choosing Amber Options is comparing this recently-launched site to the leading corporation of this fascinating online trading market. Here is what distinguishes:

TopOption, fully licensed by the CySec, a regulation process that is approved by European Union members among others, TopOption is known to offer the best education center in the business, , expert financial advisers and an overall amazing trading experience. This company is the standard that all other brokers look up to and now it is offering you a 100% cash bonus:

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OptionBit is also regulated, assuring the safety of your investment, and it is the only broker that offers free use of Algobit, an advanced signals tool that is incorporated to the platform, identifying and executing the best trades world-markets offer in real time. All you need to do is approve each transaction, and then enjoy the increase in profitability. If you want the best trading tools and excellent customer service, look no further:
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RedWood Options offer the largest video library, with over 80 instructional videos, as well as other tutorial and one-on-one trading sessions to help you learn trading strategies and master binary options quickly and effectively. More so, RedWood Options welcomes USA traders, and is one of the largest binary corporations in America:
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Before analyzing the accusations of scam against Amber Options, it becomes clear that this is an inferior choice, since it is not regulated, lacks tutorials or videos, and surely does not offer progressive trading devices such as automated signals. When paired against these serious financial corporations, it feels amateurish and unreliable.

What is Amber Options

Launched in January 2014, this new binary options site is a white-label broker that has so far lacked in transparency. As a result, it offers very little information about the company’s whereabouts, the people that stand behind the brand’s name, or any other meaningful information that could inspire trust.

When you are offered an online deal and are requested to make a deposit, you need to expect the highest standards from your financial partner. Amber Options does not present itself yet as a financial corporation, and that is a point that requires much improvement.

Apparently located in Gibraltar, a known safe-haven for online gaming sites, this broker does not seem to offer any advantage over the many similar companies in the market today. Working with an experienced broker is a key to your success, and the lack of commitment on Amber Option’s side to identify itself properly is a red-light warning.

Is Amber Options legit?

While it might not be a recommended destination for your money, it is too early to write this binary broker off altogether. After all, it does use the SpotOption interface. SpotOption is a large and well known provider of online trading platforms, and at least this shows that Amber Option has partnered with serious companies within the industry.

In addition, the site was launched only recently. Improvements could be on their way, and so far there has not been an avalanche of complaints, one that is very common when a site is actually involved with fraud.

Nonetheless, binary options trading is a high risk investment which requires caution, strategy and methodology. There is no point in increasing the levels of risk by selecting a new company which raises several question marks, especially when the market offers highly reliable alternatives.

Choosing the right broker

The first and foremost priority you should have is choosing a regulated binary options broker. This will give you much reassurance, not only because it safeguards your investment money from possible complicated scenarios, but also because it proves that the company has good intent and is interested in the client’s well-being.

Another major factor when choosing your investment partner is the amount and quality of learning material that is offered. A worthwhile binary broker is one that assist you in becoming a more skilled and efficient trader, increasing your profits and improving your overall results. Serious corporations are constantly striving to add to their education centers.

In addition to articles, videos or ebooks, prefer companies that also offer a more personal approach, such as free webinars, one-on-one training and financial guidance. Trading online is simple, but at times can be challenging, and having someone with know-how that you can trust is an important part of the benefits you should be offered.
The best brokers in the business take it a step further and innovate, either with distinct trading possibilities, or more importantly, with high-end tools such as trading signals. This type of advantage can be the one that separates a reasonable trading session from real profit-making.

Amber Options currently does not leave a favourable impression, since it lacks most everything you want to gain from your relationship with a broker. Although this in itself is obviously not a scam, the fact that Amber Options offers little to no information about the company itself is another indication that caution should be used.

Amber Options – Conclusion

  • The Amber Options site was launched in January 2014.
  • In the few months it has been operating, Amber Options has brought no novelty to the binary industry.
  • Binary options can create excellent returns on your investment, provided that you consider the risks involved.
  • Although it probably is not a scam, the fact that this broker is not regulated creates an additional risk.
  • Besides the lack of a proper license, Amber Options also does not reveal much information about the company.
  • Financial institutions, especially those who operate online, should make the best effort to show transparency in all their dealings.
  • To learn trading strategies and succeed continuously, it is recommended to choose a binary options broker that offers an array of tools and benefits.
  • Leading corporations include TopOption and OptionBit, both of which offer superior signals services.
  • Amber Options meanwhile has a long ways to go before measuring up to these serious and efficient brokers.
  • Remember that binary options is a speculative financial derivative which involves risk and requires caution, regardless of the chosen company.