Anyoption Scam


Is there an Anyoption scam you should avoid?

Is this a reliable binary options broker, or a fraudulent marketing scheme?

Learn everything about Anyoption, the largest binary options broker, and make the right decision to protect your money.

What is Anyoption

Anyoption is one of the largest and most dominant broker worldwide.  A pioneer in the digital options market, this company is among the most experienced and advanced options trading firms. In fact, it is one of a very few number of brokers which has fully developed its own trading platform software, and therefore does not need to function as a white label, like most brokers do. Anyoption is EU regulated but does not operate in the USA.

But does it qualify this brokoer as the best choice for your online inevstment? This is how Anyoption compares to the top brokers:

TopOption is the best selection when searching for professional investment guidance. Their tutorials, managers and online assistance are exactly the type of support you need to succeed, and their free e-course is the best in the binary market. With an excellent reputation, the highest payouts and a 100% cash bonus promotion to increase the value of your initial balance, they have a full package of benefits you should take advantage of. TopOption is likewise fully regulated and extremely safe:

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But Anyoption is not a scam and also offers some special advantages. Besides being the largest binary options corporation, it is one of only two binary companies (the other one is TopOption) to have developed its own trading platform. It also offers the largest asset list on the market, enabling you to create the best investment portfolio and benefit from specific market opportunities. Furthermore, it is fully regulated, which guarantees the safety of your money whether you are in Europe or elsewhere.

Binary options trading is speculative and involves risk. You need to maintain a 55% accuracy rate on your trade predictions in order to safeguard your funds. A larger percentage is needed to actually profit, and anything under this value will eventually lead to substantial loss.

That is why the key to success in binary trading is knowhow. Although the investment mechanism is simple (choose asset, choose value, make prediction, wait for outcome…) the implementation of a correct financial strategy isn’t

The best brokers are those who give customers real tools to improve their performance. Although Anyoption is a serious and reliable company, it does not stand out as a broker ready to inform you about strategies, risk management systems, portfolio management, and other educational tools that will create constant profit.

More about Anyoption

Offering binary options as early as 2008, Anyoption was launched at a time when this field was practically unheard of. It was in great part due to Anyoption’s marketing and expansion efforts that binary options became a major hit among day traders and online investors.

Does this turn Anyoption into a viable choice to be your broker? In spite of its size and relevance, this company still suffers from consistent scam rumors. Are these true, or is Anyoption a victim of the improper work-ethic of other binary brokers?

Anyoption is a Cypriot corporation operating under the legal name of Anyoption Payment Serivces ltd. Launched in 2008, it was one of first binary options platforms available online. It has been able to maintain a fabulous growth and expansion rate, and their site is currently available in ten different languages.

A pioneer in the binary field, Anyoption has been responsible for introducing many investment alternatives for options, which were initially offered as a call/put derivative only. In spite of its seniority, and perhaps because it has become a large corporation, this binary broker did not  invest sufficient  time and effort in educating clients into becoming better traders.

The Anyoption Asset List

With a trading platform owned and developed by the company itself, Anyoption has been able to increase the amount and variety of options available to customers. In this sense, it has perhaps the largest asset list within the binary options market.

A large asset list is an important advantage for building a profitable investment portfolio. Since binary options normally expire within minutes of their purchase, being able to take advantage of sudden market shifts and trends is a key to success.

Although offering more than 120 different assets divided into stocks, commodities, currencies and indices, Anyoption’s list isn’t a clear advantage for traders. While it thrives in quantity, it lacks in quality, with most of the list made up of stocks and indices. If you enjoy trading with Forex and currency pairs, the Anyoption asset list will be a major let-down.

Is Anyoption Legit?

Anyoption’s international presence is noteworthy. With the expansion achieved in its five years, this broker has been able to open several new markets which had been unaware of this financial derivative before Anyoption began its marketing effort.

In Europe, Anyoption leads the field with a major market share in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, as well as leadership in several other minor nations. In Asia, it has lured Chinese investors, as well as Japanese and Arab clients. Recently, it has developed the Russian market, which is slowly shifting from forex, to a stronger interest in binary options.

Yet in North America, Anyoption’s presence is greatly limited as a result of the company’s decision to not accept clients who are USA citizens. So if you are American, Anyoption is definitely not for you. Otherwise, how does this decision affect traders?

Regulation in the binary options field is still a major obstacle, since no major government has yet to establish a clear regulatory process for binary firms. Cyprus, engulfed by a major banking crisis, is hardly a reliable guarantor. Yet some countries, such as the USA, do have a detailed enough legislation so as to protect your investments to an extent.

Yet, many companies would rather avoid the impositions required by American regulation and choose to avoid this market altogether rather than face the legal demands for operating on American soil. Is this a reason for concern and does it reinforce the allegations of fraud against Anyoption?

Anyoption is a legit company, and within the binary options market it can even be considered among the most professional and serious companies.

Anyoption Scam – Summary

  • Established in Cyprus, Anyoption is not a scam, but could prevent rumors by offering clients more learning tools
  • It is the largest company in the binary market
  • Anyoption developed its own trading platform and offers an unusually large asset list
  • The list lacks in diversity, though, relying heavily on stocks and indices
  • Although it is no fraud and its brand name has a decent reputation,  the company does not offer enough educational assistance
  • For your trading success, prefer brokers that give you free investment tutorials and advice
  • If you are a USA citizen, you cannot trade with Anyoption
  • The international presence of Anyoption is meaningful elsewhere, especially in Europe and Asia

Anyoption Scam Updates

As of 2014, Anyoption no longer welcomes USA citizens. If you are an American online trader, the best choice would therefore be Redwood Options.

In September 2013, Anyoption has received the final and full Cysec regulation stamp, allowing you to trade with this binary broker in Europe, the market it controls, with complete confidence.

The regulation was granted to Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd., under Anyoption ownership, which developed and operate the Anyoption trading platform. With this new step, Anyoption can now re-open its site to Italian traders.