AutoBinaryEA Review


Want to profit from binary options trading?

Wonder whether AutoBinaryEA is a reliable signals software?

Using trading signals can be an excellent tool with which to increase the return on your binary options investment , but unfortunately, most automated trading systems in the binary field are deceptive. Read this review to find out if AutoBinaryEA can be trusted.

What is AutoBinaryEA

Before answering this question, let’s focus on those signal services and binary brokers which do have an outstanding reputation and proven record of efficiency.

For clients outside of the USA, Algobit stands out as the most attractive signals tool. This is the most advanced and innovative binary options trading signals software available. It is free, and does not require any downloading. Moreover, it has created great excitement among professional binary traders. Offered by OptionBit, the 2nd largest binary company worldwide, Algobit is the only service that integrates the signals system to the trading platform and automatically executes the trades for you,  allowing you to trade and use the signals all within one, simple and easy to control interface:

algobit banner

The fastest growing binary broker,  Banc de Binary is widely regarded as the most serious and reliable binary options broker, offering you financial experts that help you acquire real and practical knowledge, turning you into an independent and professional investor. In addition, Banc de Binary offers the highest payout in the market and currently has a promotion that doubles the value of your initial investment with a 100% bonus. It too offers a highly accurate signals system:

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For clients within the USA, GToptions is the best destination. Besides offering an accurate free signals service created by TradingCentral, a renowned signals provider , this binary options broker has one of the largest amounts of educational material for you to learn with, including videos, free seminars, simulators and an excellent one-on-one financial consultancy, that has helped many traders  learn important trading strategies and improve their profitability.

These examples are in sharp contrast to AutoBinaryEA, which promise that the use of their software will allow you to earn money consistently and abundantly. But is this true? Absolutely not.

The entire notion that there is some magical trading program that will allow you to earn money by simply downloading a software and running it on your computer is ludicrous.  This could be seen in the way OptionBit, a serious company, market Algobit and antecipate a logical and moderate improvement in returns. But when reviewing the way AutoBinaryEA is marketed, it becomes clear that this is misleading propaganda which fails to inform clients of the risks and costs involved.

If you are serious about your desire to earn money with binary options and believe using a signals service is beneficial, you need to choose an automated system offered by a trustworthy binary broker, which is the best indication that the signals will actually help you succeed as a trader.

Understanding Automated Trading Software

Automated trading is very common. It allows major companies to realize large volumes of trade in the major stock markets. Speculative use of automated trading is also widespread, especially in the fields of CFD and Forex. Although it can at times be very lucrative, in most cases this service is deceptive.

The major controversy surrounding trading signals in Forex, CFD and binary options trading is that brokers in these fields earn the money their customers lose. Therefore, theoretically, the more the clients lose, the more money they, the brokers make. That is a clear conflict of interest.

Considering the involvement of Cedar Finance in scam rumors, and considering the very questionable way in which AutoBinaryEA is advertized, it is very difficult to believe this instrument will benefit you in any way. In fact, its probable sole purpose it to lure you into investing with this binary broker.

Auto Binary Code review

Auto Binary Code was, and to an extent still is, the English version of AutoBinary EA, launched initially for the German market. Why use two different names for the same exact product?

One reason follows the almost deceptive marketing style of Cedar Finance. Since MetaTrader EA is extremely popular in Germany, surely launching a product with a similar name could create more of an impact. The other reason could be the scam accusations already being aimed at this signals service in the USA.

The AutoBinaryEA signals service claims to use both automatically generated and human controlled trading advice, and although it prides itself on it’s “verifiable” success and multiple indicators, there is no indication as to how exactly one can verify the legitimacy of this software, nor what the indicators used to generate the signals might be.

Remember, although AutoBinaryEA is marketed as a free product, it obviously requires that you open an account and deposit money with Cedar Finance. Binary options is a high risk financial derivative and such an when choosing such an investment, transparency and reliability are major factors for a successful experience.

AutoBinaryEA Review – Summary

  • AutoBinaryEA is an automated signals trading service
  • It is also known as Binary Options Code, and is marketed by Cedar Finance
  • AutoBinaryEA promises to generate enormous profits to its users
  • So far, what it has generated are scam rumors and doubts
  • The legitimacy and reliability of this signals service is questionable
  • When choosing an automated trading software, give preference to those offered by respected and experienced brokers
  • AutoBinaryEA is a very new service and though it is off to a shaky start, it might be a reasonable trading tool in the future