Best Binary Options Brokers


Searching for the best binary options brokers?

Want to profit from online trading but are unsure what company to choose?

Finding the right broker is the single most important decision for a successful and profitable experience. The right binary firm can boost your results and increase your gains, while the wrong choice can provoke unwanted loses. Understand how to make the right choice

Reviewing binary brokers

There are a few ways to differentiate and identify the best binary options brokers:

  1. Offers and Services – Companies that create an excellent trading experience vs brokers that provide little more than access to a trading platform
  2. Reputation – The brand names among binary options brokers that are most liked by traders
  3. Reliability – Serious professional corporations vs. scammers you should avoid
  4. Geographical – Binary brokers that cater to specific regions or countries
  5. Trading Platforms – Brokers that function as white labels vs. companies which developed their own trading environments
  6. Experience – The companies that have been around for years compared to the new rising brokers

All the above are important classifications and it is worth learning about all the benefits and flaws involving each group of brokers per type. Nonetheless, certainly the most important factors when selecting the best brokers is the first three of this list: Services, reputation and reliability.

Brokers with the Best Service

The best services binary options brokers can provide are tools that will turn you into a successful trader. Binary options trading has many nuances and learning different strategies and investment methods is a key for prolonged success.

Many brokers offer a variety of means for learning the basic trading steps, but only a few give customers actual, sound financial advice. Even less brokers provide a real educational process that teaches online trading strategies, risk protection and portfolio diversification.

This is a list of the most recommended binary options brokers.  Their are the best destination for you to  become a knowledgeable and successful trader. These binary companies offer the most complete educational packages and investment experts to ensure your online experience is profitable and consistent. Choose them if you want serious support and the chance to become an expert online trader:

StocPair is a top quality binary options broker. When you open your account with StoclPair you get valuable personal help  in understanding the volatility and speculative nature of binary trading. It also explains, through free tutorials and personal guidance, about the measures needed to protect your investment and profit. Fully regulated by CySec, this is a safe and serious broker with which to invest:


Banc de Binary also tops this list because it offers the best online learning tools, the highest payout of the market and a 100% cash bonus. Additionally, it is the sponsor of the Liverpool FC club and it is constantly praised by fellow traders for putting at your disposal the most professional financial consultants, free trading signals, and the safety of a European license:

bbinary banner

Both companies mentioned above do not welcome American traders. If you are from the USA, then you should definitely choose GOptions, which offer same-day withdrawals, guaranteed asset pricing, forex trading, and an overall commitment to high quality customer service. Additionally, you can place risk-free trades to test your skills and trading strategies:



Meanwhile, it is better to avoid certain binary brokers which are not fully reliable in the customer service department. Among such shady companies are Cedar Finance and 24option.

Most Reputable Binary Brokers

The best brokers are also the ones that have a reputation of transparency and straightforwardness. In this business, many times brokers avoid informing customers of the real risks of binary trading. In doing so, they are jeopardizing the clients’ investment. Serious brokers clearly inform traders about the entire trading process, the odds and the methods by which to protect your monies.

While Banc de Binary again stands out in this category, StockPair is also praised by traders for the way it clarifies risks and suggests ways to minimize exposure and protect your core investment.

TradeRush, after going through a period in which it was involved in scam accusations, made consistent efforts to regain its reputation as one of the world’s largest and most respected binary brokers as well. Nowadays, it offers clients one of the best trading experiences available in the binary options market.

Most Reliable Binary Brokers

Since binary options trading is yet to be properly regulated, reliability is a serious issue when it comes to choosing the best binary options brokers. Some companies have tried to reassure clients by providing whatever means available to show the seriousness and professionalism that is expected from a financial investments firm.

As a result, what eventually defines the trust with which binary brokers should be treated is their track-record as a reliable destination for your funds. Besides the brokers that have been recommended so far, two more examples of trustworthy binary firms are OptionBit and RedWood. Traders have reported excellent results when trading with both these companies.

Redwood is known for having a young and highly knowledgeable group of account managers which are always eager to assist their clients and increase their profits, while also offering generous cash bonuses for new traders:


OptionBit, perhaps the largest binary broker worldwide,  is known for providing excellent one-on-one guidance and training, as well as for their easy withdrawal process and overall efficient customer support. Another example of a binary broker with which you can start earning immediately without worries:

optionbit banner

Best Binary Trading Platforms

Most binary options brokers lease the rights of use for the platform they provide online. There are four main platform providers for the binary field:

  • Spotoption
  • Tradologic
  • Techfinancials
  • TradeSmarter

Nonetheless, some brokers such as Banc de Binary and Anyoption have developed their own platforms. Though there are differences among platforms, none are significant enough to be a cause for you to choose one broker over another. Yet some things must be noted:

Spotoption is by far the largest provider on the market, and therefore you get a sense of tranquility when you know the brand is a white label of a major corporation. It also gives you the advantage of trying out several brokers without needing to learn how to use a new platform. The major Spotoption white-label companies are TradeRush, Banc de Swiss and Cedar Finance.

Techfinancials have a good platform, but very poor service and this causes all types of bugs that take forever to be fixed. The main white labels here are 24option and Optionfair, and neither are very recommended by traders, so probably you should avoid this brand for now.

Tradologic caters mostly to the French market. Although it is an excellent trading environment, most major brands you will find associated to this provider are focused on European customers. OptionBit is the largest among these companies, which include XPMarkets, Chronoption and Zoomtrader.

TradeSmarter is a relatively unknown binary options trading platform provider, and therefore, until it gains more market share and traders are able to better access its pros and cons, preferably avoid brokers choosing to work with this platform.

Best Binary Options Brokers – Summary

The best brokers are those who are willing to offer clients all the instruments needed for a successful and profitable trading experience. Since binary options trading is risky, the best brokers will be careful to present their product with transparency and guide investors to a safe and cautious investment method.

Reputation counts, and so does the experience of other, serious traders. That is why companies like Banc de Binary, StockPair and Redwood are a good destination for your investment funds.

The bottom line is that the best binary brokers are few. Their distinction is what should be expected from a serious investments corporation: excellent customer service, multiple free education tools, top-notch advisors and ultimately, giving you a real opportunity to create a constant income.