Binary Options Australia


Are you an Australian citizen looking to profit from binary options trading?

Want to know which brokers offer the best investment opportunities to Aussies?

We breakdown the Australian binary options market and help you choose the most profitable company.

Binary Options in Australia

Binary options is a financial derivative traded solely online. Therefore, as soon as this investment tool became available throughout the internet, the Australian binary market became a reality.

Stemming from the Forex field, which was very popular down under, it was not difficult for companies to convince customers in Australia to try out this new trading tool. Nonetheless, it was in 2012 that binary options popularity increased, as a result of educational packages that enabled more clients to enjoy the high yields this market offers.

Best Binary Brokers in Australia

What constitutes a serious and professional broker? Since digital trading is highly speculative and demands efficient risk management, the best binary brokers for you are those who will teach you effective trading strategies and provide you with learning tools to enhance your skills as an online trader.

Although there are more than 200 companies offering binary trading worldwide, only a handful are capable of turning you into an expert in this field. Since know-how is the key to your success in this volatile market, choosing one of these firms is your path to consistent profits, as many satisfied Australian traders will confirm.

UBinary is the fastest growing binary company in Australia and New Zealand. The reason for their success is an excellent package of tutorials, videos, personal investment advice and the best ecourse in the industry. Besides all these advantages, UBinary also offers the highest payouts at 91% per trade, and a huge cash bonus you can add to the value of your first deposit. This fully regulated company is an excellent choice for new traders:

OptionBit, the second largest binary options broker worldwide, is a solid choice for a profitable experience. Since mid 2013, this broker is offering you a free trading signals tool that has received high praise from customers – Albogit. The signals indicate the best available trades and will help you gain more money in less time. With their impeccable customer service and constant promotions, this is another binary company creating an impact down under:

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Banc de Binary is another excellent choice, especially if you are new to binary options and need some serious tutoring. Their one-on-one free trading sessions teach you how to profit from various market situations and traders report a sharp increase in profitability as a result. This broker also offers very high yields and a welcome cash bonus, besides having Australian staff members who totally understand your culture and needs:

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Australia’s largest binary firms

The brokers recommended above are not necessarily the largest in Australia, simply, they are the best. Yet some other brands are very well known in your region, and since you might have heard about these companies, we give you some insight about their services. is by far the largest binary options firm in Australia. This broker has a decent asset list, although their commodities options are very limited. Yet the main concern for you should be the fact that the approach to binary trading is that of the gaming industry, and the company as recently as 2013 was named BetOnMarkets. If you treat your investment recklessly as a mere bet, the result will probably be a substantial loss.

Opteck and Cedar Finance,  are also among the largest brokers down under. The problems and rumors surrounding Cedar Finance have been well documented, but Opteck is a reasonable choice for your investment. These two traders are not focusing specifically on Australia, and their success in this region reflects their general interest in English speaking markets.

Binary Options in New Zealand

Although obviously on a smaller scale, binary trading has also become quite popular in New Zealand. In this country, TradeRush tops the market and has had the most success in generating interest in options investments.

TradeRush offer the largest trading videos library worldwide, with more than 80 videos available for registered customers to learn trading strategies and risk protection methods. Famous for offering large bonuses for your first deposits, with this broker you begin your experience with more money in your account:

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Kiwi traders are known for an aggressive style of trading and for preferring currency pairing over stocks and indices. As a result of their confident approach and high stakes strategies, they are a preferred client for many binary brokers.

Is binary trading legal in Australia?

There are no current restrictions on brokers offering binary options in this market, or towards Australian citizens who wish to invest in this financial derivative. Neither the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, in charge of supervising financial firms and providing them with proper licensing nor the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), in charge of consumer protection, have issued any comments regarding this field.

The government is not expected to initiate any regulatory process in the near future. Meanwhile, clients will have to rely on the brands’ reputations and history of professionalism and integrity when selecting an options broker. Since this is a high risk investment regardless, it is recommended that the monies set aside for it this purpose be limited.

Binary Options Australia – Summary

  • Binary trading became popular in Australia from 2012 onwards
  • Interest has been in constant growth and is lead by Betonmarkets, which holds the largest market share
  • Nonetheless the distinction of being best binary brokers in Australia goes to companies that offer you real advantages and professional guidance
  • UBinary, the fastest growing broker in Australia is an excellent example of a company dedicated to turning you into a profitable online investor
  • Other companies enjoying a high reputation down under are Banc de Binary and OptionBit
  • New Zealand has also joined the binary options craze
  • Both countries have successfully created an active binary options market in Oceania