Binary Options Bonus Scam


Are you ready to trade binary options?

Have you been offered a fat and juicy bonus?

Is this free money a scam, or are binary brokers actually giving you cash?

Let us find out.

Binary Options Bonus – Cash or scam?

Certain binary options brokers, such as Cedar Finance, OneTwoTrade or Traderush , offer you generous bonuses when you make a new deposit to your existing account, or when you open a new trading account.

These bonuses are substantial. In what other business do you get a dollar for each dollar you deposit? And although the average bonus is closer to 50% of your initial deposit a few binary options brokers offer more than 100%. So what is this money?

First you should know that this is real money being transferred to your account for use in the purchase of binary options. It isn’t fake, those are not “playing chips” and the bottom line is you can eventually withdraw your bonus.

Yet the allegations that the entire bonus-offer propaganda is a marketing scheme and a scam need to be reviewed.

Binary Options Bonus Regulations

The bonuses offered by brokers are not a scam at all. In fact, this extra cash enables you to trade more comfortably, make some mistakes, and still find your way to becoming a profitable and successful trader.

Nonetheless, some people might have the following idea: opening a trading account with a binary options broker, depositing for example 500 dollars, receiving a 500 dollar bonus, and after a couple of 20 dollar trades, win or lose, the perpetrator withdraws at least 960 dollars.

Understandably, binary companies have taken precautions to avoid being scammed. The main rule established by mostly all brokers is that a trader must make a certain amount of trades before he or she can withdraw monies which include the bonus value.  In most cases, the number of operations needed is extremely high.

Choosing a bonus promotion

The key to choosing a promotion offering an excellent bonus is the same for choosing a broker in any instance: the reliability factor. As explained in the homepage article, the difference between a legit binary options company and one that is not is the effort each company puts into helping you become a better trader.

Therefore companies such as UBinary or Banc de Binary are excellent choices. Not only do they have some of the best tutorials and online investment advisers, and not only do they offer the highest payouts, but even when it comes to paying you a bonus, they stand out.

While it offers a large bonus as well, Cedar Finance might not be the best choice, given its questionable reputation and the fraud accusations surrounding this broker. But UBinary is a dependable and trustworthy company, constantly praised by traders. It gives customers not only a welcome bonus but bonuses for subsequent deposits as well.  In addition to this benefit, you receive an entire Education Center with all the resources necessary for you to become a professional investor and earn money online:

OptionBit is the 2nd largest binary corporation worldwide, and a serious broker that gives you bonuses of up to 100% of your deposit. Once you opened your account you have access to Algobit, a new and modern signals trading tool which has received excellent reviews from experienced traders. With this advatnage you are able to make accurate predictions and profit more rapidly:

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When you open your account with Banc de Binary you are offered up to a 100′% of your depoist value in cash. But more importantly, you are surrounded by professional investment advisers who will help you learn how to predict the outcome of traders with greater accuracy and earn more money:

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Use your binary options bonus

Most brokers give you a bonus immediately upon registering and making a deposit. You do need to start trading, though before your bonus is credited to your account. Once it is in your account you may start using this value immediately, but always remember to look at your balance objectively. Do not consider the bonus as part of your profits, or your funds. It is only part of your balance.

Although brokers offer a bonus as a marketing strategy, you should use it wisely to experience with new trading strategies or to become familiar with new assets. Tinkering with new systems with which to increase your accuracy ratio should be an important part of your trading routine. With a sizeable bonus, you can test several techniques without risking your own money.

Some companies will relate the size of the bonus to the size of your deposit. Thus, the larger your first deposit, the larger the amount of extra money you get. Don’t be scared to invest more with your initial deposit to obtain a larger bonus. After all, binary options is about seizing market opportunities, and the more money you have when spotting one, the larger the profit you will make.