Binary Options Facts


Binary Numbers

  • Binary options is a high risk investment
  • More than 70% of all traders lose their entire investment
  • A 55% success rate is necessary to break even in binary trading
  • Binary options have extremely short expiry terms
  • There are one minute options available in most platforms
  • No other online investment offers such high yields for a 60 second trade
  • The average payout in the market is of 75% per trade
  • The average broker requires a minimal 200 dollar deposit
  • The average binary option investment is of about 25 dollars per option
  • The average investor stays with a broker for six months
  • Investors who initially deposit 500 dollars or more have a significantly higher rate of success

Trading Facts

  • Binary Options can only be purchased online
  • Binary Options cannot be traded but can be liquidated prior to expiry, at times
  • This is a financial derivative. It derives from an asset
  • There are four types of assets in binary trading: Currencies, Stocks, Indices and Commodities
  • Traders using a diverse portfolio increase their success probabilities by over 60%
  • UBinary offers more than 100 different binary options and is very reliable
  • UBinary also offers the highest payout in the market at 91% per option
  • Traders have recommended this binary broker and the profits it has helped them create

  • Trading binary options is technically very simple
  • The simplicity gives a false impression that this investment doesn’t require prior knowledge

Binary Brokers

  • There are more than 200 Binary Broker firms worldwide
  • 25 of those firms are together responsible for 85% of the market share
  • TradeRush is one of those brokers, and is nowadays considered the 5th largest binary company
  • It offers the highest deposit bonus in the market: 100%
  • For every dollar you deposit, a dollar is added to your account
  • Cash bonuses assist new traders in learning trading techniques while saving on their own deposit monies

  • And remember: Binary brokers earn money when the customer loses
  • Statistically, binary firms have the odds stacked in their favor
  • Many brokers offer learning tools and training to improve the customers’ chances
  • They do so in order to create a large average of satisfied traders
  • The fast pace nature of binary trading creates a need for novelty. Changing brokers is common.

Binary Education

  • Financial strategies are commonly used by experienced traders
  • Consistent success requires acquaintance with basic investment techniques
  • The correct prediction of 6 out of 10 trades guarantees an 8% yield
  • A daily 8% profit turns 1000 dollars into 1700 in one week
  • Binary options strategy is therefore a key ingredient
  • The Education Center at Banc de Binary has more than 90 trading guides
  • Their financial advisors are very professional,and offer personalized training

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Binary Market

  • Binary options stem from the Forex market
  • It is estimated this field will grow at a 100% rate every two years throughout this decade
  • France is the largest binary options market in the world
  • USA, Japan, Italy and Germany are also large markets
  • Binary options are not regulated
  • Regulation in Cyprus habe been underway at full steam
  • The recent Cypriot financial crisis has put the regulation validity in doubt
  • Scam allegations are also common
  • Certain binary brokers have a questionable service
  • Choosing reliable brokers is paramount for success