Binary Options Trading Signals Review


Are you interested in binary trading signals?

Looking for the best signals software but unsure which to choose?

Binary options trading signals have become increasingly sophisticated and accurate as the digital options industry growth and interest in this financial derivatives expands to new markets. With so many alternatives and frequent rumors about scam services, we help you review the best signals services available.

Reviewing the best binary trading signals

Introducing Algobit

The best and most impressive example of the advance achieved in binary signals software is Algobit, a service recently launched by binary giant OptionBit, and which has caused a revolution in trading signals use among traders. Algobit is a sophisticated, fully automated signals platform that can perform all transactions independently or be used as a guidance tool by the customer.

The uniqueness of Algobit is that it incorporates the trading platform and the signals service into one interface, allowing you to trade freely or purchase algorithmic signals options all within the same platform. Traders worldwide have been fascinated with this new investment tool and have reported excellent returns, with many shifting from other brokers to OptionBit, to benefit from the using Algobit for free.

OptionBit is the second largest binary options company, offering you an array of educational tools, one-on-one training sessions with investment advisers and an excellent customer service. Most importantly, this binary options brokers allows you to use Algobit for free as soon as you open your account:

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Introducing UBinary

UBinary also offers a new and superior binary options trading signal service. It is available to you for free when you open an account. With UBinary, you learn to view and analyze asset fluctuation graphs, and improve trading skills by observing in real time the functioning of the signals software interface.

Among binary options brokers, UBinary is considered the fastest growing company worldwide. One reason for this immense success is being the only major binary brand fully regulated by the CYSEC in Europe and the FCA in the Unite Kingdom. Furthermore, UBinary offer the highest payout in the market and an advanced education center with free ecourses and online tutorials. It is therefore no surprise that this binary broker invested in a state-of-the-art signals system and that traders are giving it rave reviews:

GOptions Signals

GOptions also offer a trading signals service that alternates following traders to receiving automated signals. It has a special reversion option that allows user to place trades that are the exact opposite of what the service is suggesting, a feature that enables you to both leverage your investment by protecting it or choose to make your own prediction.

GOptions also gives you risk-free trades to test your trading strategies, as well as multiple benefits and an excellent customer service. Unlike UBinary and OptionBit, this binary optons broker welcomes USA traders:


What are trading signals

Automated trading is extremely common in financial markets throughout the world, although it’s use in the American and British stock markets is significantly more widespread than in other countries.

These systems use pre-programmed algorithms to perform transactions automatically on a trading platform, and are therefore known also as algo trades. Most of the times, the use of such automated trading software aims at dividing large scale trades into smaller units, so as to manage market impact and thus have a better grip on stock price fluctuation.

Automated trading lead to signals trading systems, which are softwares that are able to identify real time investment opportunities by overlapping a series of financial data that indicates a probable immediate outcome. Most serious signals services are based on statistical finance models and equations.

Binary options signals software is a similar type of system adapted to the binary trading characteristics. In most cases, the attempts to create such signals were unsuccessful, leading to scam accusations and a general mistrust of the signals concept among binary traders. Lately, through the efforts of some of the leading companies in the binary field, the relevance and quality of signals service has changed dramatically.

Introducing The Binary Signals

An alternative to the automated services, Spotoption, the largest binary options trading platform provider, has also invested in developing a manually tracked signals service for binary traders. Unlike the service offered by OptionBit and UBinary, The Binary Signals is a signals trading software provided only through a monthly subscription.

The benefit of this mechanism is that it relays on the performance of real investment experts, operating live in the markets. Likewise, the simplicity of this signals service is an additional advantage, because it allows traders to incorporate the signals sent to them via email or sms to their current trading sessions.

Caution Using Trading Signals

Binary options trading signals can be an excellent tool to achieve higher accuracy percentages on your predictions, and increase the profitability of your investment. Yet binary trading remains a high risk, volatile and speculative financial instrument that needs to be used with caution.

No signals software is immune to sharp market oscillations and sometimes, a therefore a sequence of three failed trades is a strong indication that it is time to take a break and allow the markets to quiet down.

Likewise, the use of automated binary trading signals only, without engaging in some manual trades individually, will lessen your ability to have a feeling for a variety of market circumstances. A review of the results obtained by traders that shifted from signals trading to manual trading indicates that these customers perform better over time than those investing solely through the signals mechanism

Binary Options Trading Signals Review – Summary

  • Binary options signals derives from similar financial tools used in the stock market
  • Algorithmic trading is the common use of automated transaction software to perform large scale trades
  • This tools have been modified to suit a more speculative mentality, overlapping databases to identify optimal investment opportunities
  • The first versions of binary options signals software were not accurate or consistent, leading to fraud allegations and a certain aversion from traders
  • Throughout 2013, major binary options incorporations have been able to develop and introduce advanced-technology automated signals that successfully customized for binary trading
  • A review of Algobit and UBinary reveal that these are the leading and most impressive additions to the binary signals trading market
  • Trading through these innovative smart softwares is an excellent way to increase the profitability of your account
  • These systems should be used alternately with manual trading to ensure your online trading touch remains sharp