BOCapital Scam


Want to invest and earn with binary options trading?

Have you heard about BOCapital and are unsure whether this is a scam?

Binary options can indeed be an opportunity for earning money from the comfort of your home. It is an exciting and dynamic investment, yet definitely one that involves risk. BOCapital might not be the best broker to work with, and learning how to properly select a broker is an important first step.

Is BOCapital legit?

BOCapital is a small binary options broker, and has so many flaws to it, that one has to wonder how it has managed to stay in business. Binary options is a speculative financial derivative and succeeding on a long term basis demands some learning and acquiring of trading skills. there is no reason to add to the risks by choosing a lesser broker.

Before listing all that requires improvement in the BOCapital site, here is what you should expect and demand from your investments firm.

Leading Binary Options Brokers

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BOCaptial is neither regulated, nor does it offer any of the many tools that the serous market leaders give you, for free.

What is BOCapital

This binary options broker is your typical small white label company, at times being run by a single person from the comfort of their home. It offers no educational material, and leaves customers clueless as to the whereabouts of the company or its country of origin.

BOCapital’s “About” page is a somewhat scary combination of a dark font on a dark screen, making it almost impossible to read and showing great lack of professionalism. The entire site is full of technical flaws which make it very uncomfortable to use and easy to mistrust.

Although it is supposed to be available in French and Spanish, as well as English, any attempt at accessing the site in a language other than English also causes a series of issues when attempting to navigate the content.

All these problems, and the clear lack of investment in the site’s infrastructure are excellent reasons to avoid this binary options broker, which needs to vastly improve in order to compete with the market leaders of the binary trading market.

Complaints Against BOCapital

There are no reports to indicate that BOCapital is a scam. although complaints about the customer service in general and withdrawal policies in particular have been voiced against this broker, it is not enough to consider it a scam.

Rather, most probably BOCapital is simply an inexperienced binary options broker with a poor package of benefits, if any. Since binary options trading is speculative and involves much risk, traders that chose to work with BOCapital most likely lost their investment, and this has caused aggrevation.

Yet there is reason to believe that a serious and experienced trader can use the trading platform as offered by the BOCapital site and earn money consistently. Except that, a knowledgeable trader probably will not choose this company to begin with.

BOCapital Scam Summary

Nowadays, the binary options industry offers highly advanced tools, strategies, platforms and sites to trade with. These enterprises offer you a comfortable trading experience, as well as a vast selection of tutorials and assistance. It is advisable to work with such binary brokers, which offer both a larger asset index, as well as the optimal conditions to attain and maintain success.

BOCapital is very far behind in practically every aspect of the binary trading markets. Although not a fraudulent company, it is highly unsafe, possesses no regulation or licensing, and offers no training, tutorials and guidance.

In terms of the list of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, its array of options is below average and the content of the site as a whole is very lacking.Until major improvements are implemented by BOCapital, it is recommended to invest in larger and more serious and safe binary options brokers.