BTG Option Scam


Will you earn money with BTG Option?

Binary trading is an opportunity for you to increase your profits and create an additional income. Yet this high yielding investment involves a degree of risk, and choosing the best broker is an important step for any serious trader. How does BTG Option compare with top brokers in this dynamic industry? To help you make a smart choice, we have focused on” reliability, services and remuneration.

BTG Option Comparison Review

To understand whether BTG Option is an acceptable choice and learn more about its services, here is how it compares to leading brokers:

Banc de Binary is the top broker worldwide in terms of safety and professionalism. This company is fully regulated and licensed and is among the few brokers that do not depend on external trading platform providers. It has developed its own advanced trading platform, and as a result offers an excellent variety of assets as well as unique trading tools, which include a signals service and a huge cash bonus for new traders. With highly qualified investment advisers ready to assist you, this is the type of company that serves as a role-model for competitors and as an opportunity of gains for you.

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OptionBit is also a fully regulated firm, which offers the most advanced trading signals tool for binary options. Algobit, the name of this amazing software, scans global markets in real time and uses sophisticated algorithms to identify the best trades for you. It even executes the trade, and all it needs from you is confirmation. OptionBit is one of the most experienced brokers in the market, and as an innovator, it has introduced this high-tech free tool. To surround yourself with the best tools and innovations, choose OptionBit.

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If what you wish is to learn and enhance your trading skills, UBinary is the best selection. With a variety of videos and free investment guidance, Ubinary personnel and educational material help you become a professional and successful online trader. Binary options is a volatile investment, and having access to people who understand how to create a strategy and a structured trading method is a big advantage. They free online Webinar is the first step to trading success:

BTG Option, meanwhile, is not regulated. This is the main concern you should have when considering whether this broker is reliable for you. Without licensing, BTG Option has no true way of guaranteeing the safety of your deposit. The educational tools and payouts it offers might also be below par, yet this is not as pivotal as the lack of an appropriate regulation.

What is BTG Option?

BTG Option was launched very recently, in 2014, using Tech Financials technology. In other words, this new binary broker does not operate its own trading platform, but rather operates as a white label brand. This is a meaningful fact, because it increases the level of risk you undertake when investing with BTG.

The BTG site does not offer much information about the company’s activities, location or personnel. When it does, the information is confusing and raises questions regarding both the reliability and seriousness of this broker. Online trading is a financial activity, and you therefore must make sure you operate through a trusted financial corporation. When the company which is meant to offer these services lacks transparency, certainly fraud rumors and doubts will emerge.

One section of the site states that BTG Option is owned by BBM Marketing Ltd, located in London. A closer look reveals that BBM stands for Bad Boys Media Services, a very poor choice of a name for a company that asks you to trust it with your hard earned money.

Review of the site

The BTG Option site is a simple and standard broker’s site, devoid of innovations or special offers. The education section offers very basic insight into what binary trading is, and the asset list is rather small in size. These two factors are meaningful, since often that is where the difference between experienced and new brokers is best noted.

Binary trading offers high payouts and the transactions are simple to understand and execute. Yet the ability to execute accurate trades consistently demands learning strategies and using tools such as signals and automated trading. Therefore, the fact that the tutorials offered by the BTG Option site are so simple are a disadvantage.

Another component of a successful trading session is using a varied investment portfolio. Brokers that offer large asset lists enable you to choose among more currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, and thus make better use of the opportunities the markets offer.

Although the BTG Option site is nicely set-up and has some user friendly features, such as a live chat and 8 languages to choose from, it still needs to further improve in order to compete with the top brokers in this industry.


Binary options trading is recognized for its high payouts. It is important to always keep in mind that the higher the payout, the larger the risk. Therefore, while it is true that binary options can be an excellent source of income, caution is necessary, because loss is also a possibility.

Payouts offered when trading with this financial derivative will always be significantly high. As a result, it does not make much of a difference if a certain broker offers a return rate that is slightly higher. What actually will determinate the level of profitability you will reach is the accuracy percentage of your trades, rather than the return offered by brokers.

That being said, BTG Option offers payouts which are slightly above the market’s average. Although this is certainly an advantage, it should not represent a major factor when choosing your broker.

BTG Option Scam – Summary

  • This new binary broker is not a fraud, but neither is it a reliable financial company
  • One major disadvantage for BTG Option customers is the lack of regulation, which results in your investment being exposed to significant risks
  • Considering how important learning is to the success of your investment, the education segment of the BTG Option site is weak
  • This broker does not offer a signals service or any meaningful trading tools
  • The company was recently created and is based in London, under the suspicious name Bad Boys Media Services, hardly the name of a financial corporation
  • There are several regulated and experienced binary options brokers
  • Although there is no clear sign of a fraud, it is best to choose licensed companies which offer you the opportunity to become a more skilled trader