Cedar Finance Binary Options


Thinking about opening an account with Cedar Finance?

Wondering what type of products, this company offers?

Here is a look at the binary options available through Cedar Finance and how this broker compares to the best companies in the binary industry.

Cedar Finance vs. Leading Companies

TopOption is the reference for all other brokers when it comes to binary trading. This company offers the largest and most efficient education center with endless tutorials and financial information. Its account managers are extremely knowledgeable and ready to help you learn strategies and risk control. It also offers full regulation and a trading platform developed exclusively. With a 100% bonus, this is currently the best broker in the business:

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OptionBit, regulated and licensed as well, also gives you benefits that are unavailable to Cedar Finance: a free, advanced trading signals service. Algobit was developed to match the dynamics and probabilities of binary options trading and is therefore very accurate. It has successfully increased the profits of many traders worldwide:
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RedWood Options welcomes European traders and has more than 80 videos to offer you. With them, you can learn step-by-step the secrets to profitable binary options trading. With a free webinar to you which you can sign up immediately, RedWood options have established itself as the primary destination for North American customers:

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Understanding Binary Options

A binary trade or investment involves selecting an asset from the trading platform and predicting how that asset will perform from the moment it is bought until its expiration. A binary option expires roughly 20 minutes after it is purchased, though this may vary.

There is no actual purchase of the asset. You are not buying a stock, a commodity or any type of currency. You are only risking a certain amount on your prediction. If you are correct, the payout is relative to the amount you were willing to risk.

For example, if you invest 100 dollars in an option, Cedar Finance will repay you 70 dollars if your prognosis is accurate. If you chose to invest 200, then the return will be 140 dollars, and so forth.

Since the essence of the binary trade is the asset you have chosen, it is also the most important part of your strategy. Knowing which assets to select, and when to do so, is the key to success. That is why you should be well acquainted with the Cedar Finance binary options list.

Cedar Finance Asset Overview

There are four types of Cedar Finance binary options, which is true to most binary brokers: Currencies, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. Each of this group of options has different characteristics as a binary investment. This is how they very basically break down:


Binary options trading involves predicting the oscillation of assets over a very short period of time. Your ability to correctly prognosticate how a certain asset will fair in the next half hour is what will enable you to create profit.

Currency pairings are binary options that involve to types of currencies. For example: the US dollar vs. the Euro. In such a case, the prediction involving a binary option is to decide whether the USD will fortify itself in relation to the Euro, or vice versa.

As a result, when investing in currency binary options, one must be able to predict the volatility of an entire market in relation to another. Normally, this is substantially easier than deciding how one single stock or commodity will perform during a similar span.

Cedar Finance Currency Options:

Inexperienced binary traders should build their portfolio using mainly currencies, because they are easier to predict. That is why the currency list of a broker is so important.

Cedar Finance has a good list of currency pairing to choose from. The essential diversity to consider when analyzing currency options is whether the list offers both large market and small market currencies. Such variety will enable you to take advantage of multiple scenarios. Small markets, such as Australia, Canada or South Africa, can be very dependent of large market news, which creates excellent investment opportunities.

Cedar Finance does have every basic major market pairing, but lacks some of the small market currencies that can sometimes make the life of a trader much easier.


Indices follow a similar pattern as the one explained above. Since these indicators are mostly related to the performance of entire markets, predicting their movements is simpler than dealing with more specific assets.

Within the list of Cedar Finance binary options, again we find all major indices and the larger, more meaningful markets. The absence of indices related to smaller stock exchanges around the globe is a disadvantage for Cedar Finance traders. Nonetheless, this isn’t the main consideration when choosing your binary options broker. Addressing the rumors of a Cedar Finance scam is definitely a point to which you must give more attention.

Commodities and Stocks

What differentiates these types of binary options is that they are related to single assets. Monitoring the performance of Coca Cola, Apple or France Telecom is a more specific task than verifying how an entire market fairs.

Therefore such options are preferred by the more experienced binary traders. Here, knowledge of each distinct stock or commodity is essential for success. More so, information about a particular asset or company is less available than news about entire economies. Traders interested in investing with these options will need to work harder when doing research and preparing strategies.

Cedar Finance does offer a very large variety of both stock and commodities, so that it can be a good choice of a broker for the more experienced trader. Although catering mostly to new traders in their marketing campaigns, Cedar Finance might actually be more suited for binary pros.

Cedar Finance Binary Options Summary

The asset list offered by this company is sufficiently diverse to satisfy most traders. Although the currency and index lists could have more small market options, this should not deter you, if you feel this could be a good broker to invest with.

Cedar Finance also offers some interesting additional binary options, where stocks or commodities are paired against each other. Although new investment opportunities are always welcome, we suggest that you first gain experience with the more common derivatives, before attempting to use these unique binary trades.