Cedar Finance Company


Who is really behind the Cedar Finance company?

Is this firm trustworthy, or are the talks about a Cedar Finance scam true?

We have actual answers to these questions. First, let us understand how binary brokers function.

Online Brokerage

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Cedar Finance company profile

When was the last time you gained some actual insight by reading the About Us segment on a site? Well, that apparently simple page can be very important in establishing what type of a company you are dealing with.

Sadly, in the case of this particular binary options broker, the page gives absolutely no information about them. Traders investing money with a company would like to know something about the firm they are depositing their trust (and money) in. The Cedar Finance site does not provide such info.

Yet luckily, while verifying the outcries of a possible fraud, we were able to trace down some valuable information.

Sister Companies

Cedar Finance is part of a group of sites that are owned and operated by the same corporations. These sites have in common the fact that they all offer binary options trading, focusing on the American marketing, and other English speaking populations, such as in England or South Africa.

When one firm establishes a group of apparently non-related companies that are essentially doing the same type of business, it is definitely a red flag of a scam possibility. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be. Binary options is a very competitive field, and trying to attract customers using a variety of sites is not an outrageous strategy.

Among the sites that are part of this group are Finopex, Option Ground, EasyXP and Onlybinary. The Cedar Finance company is obviously the largest and most successful among them. The real question is who is behind all these trading platforms?

The Real Cedar Finance Company

A look into the terms and conditions page of a site most of the times is more revealing when finding out more about who you are dealing with. This is no exception, as we quickly learn that Cedar Finance is owned by T.B.S.F. Best Strategy Finance, based in Cyprus. Most binary options companies are based in Cyprus therefore that should not arouse suspicion.

Yet who is behind Best Strategy Finance? You will not find any relevant information on the web, but this should not be an issue, since we have done some research for you. As it turns out, this firm is related to another company, by the name of SimpleTrade.

SimpleTrade is an Israeli company providing internet courses for online investments. This company has been operating since 2008 and is quite successful in offering its trading strategies to eager students.

In fact, anyone expecting to unearth some scheme that would reinforce the Cedar Finance scam rumors will be disappointed. These are companies that offer high risk products. Both binary options trading and “how to successfully trade online” courses are not a guarantee of money in the bank. Yet there is no intention to defraud traders.

Can I make money with Cedar Finance?

Perhaps, but preferably ask yourself: where do I get the best odds for succeeding with binary options?  Binary trading can lead to consistent income and the high yields are definitely attractive. Like anything else in life, though, results will come with effort and persistence.

You must learn about specific assets, create a logical portfolio, and follow a strict binary options strategy. Improve by analyzing your mistakes and evolve one step at a time. By doing this, you have the opportunity to benefit from this financial derivative, whether using this company as your broker or choosing a more experienced company.

On out home page we stressed what separates an average broker from the ones that you will profit with. Serious and professional brokers offer a gamut of educational tools that will enhance your result considerably. A company such as Cedar Finance offers a fine trading platform, but not nearly enough learning material, free tutorials and investment advice. So who does?

Cedar Finance Company Conclusion

This company could improve its presentation have more information available about its ownership, its origin and its statute. It should also provide better information about the risks involved in binary trading and how to avoid them.

The fact that it is legally established in Cyprus is currently irrelevant, because most binary brokers migrated to that country, once it offered a regulatory process for the binary field. Since then Cyprus has been involved in a huge financial crisis, so expect Cedar Finance and other companies to move away to a different location.