Cedar Finance Review


Are you considering opening an account with Cedar Finance?

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Use this Cedar Finance review to receive an in depth view of this binary broker as well as a continuous verification of the allegations about a Cedar Finance scam. Plus, it gives you tips of how to choose the right broker for you.

Opening an Account with Cedar Finance

Since this is an online trading business, the broker’s site is your working environment and its structure is vital for your success. When reviewing the quality of the Cedar Finance site, the general impression is that the company offers an average trading experience. The deposit page on the Cedar Finance site is practical and uncomplicated. The forms are simple, the explanations clear, and the process is swift. The minimal deposit is 200 dollars, considered average in the business. Besides the trading platform, though, the rest of the site is very lacking in information and learning materials. This is a major disadvantage. Binary options are simple but speculative and involving risk. Your best chance to profit is receiving serious and constant investment advice and tutoring. Although Cedar Finance offers none of that, other brokers do. These are the most reliable binary options companies, those which provide the tools you need to improve your results and create a regular income:

  • EZTrader is excellent for you because it has an Education Center that offers you trading videos, online tutorials, several training guides and a 24/7 access to a financial advisor. These are advantages you will use to earn more money. They offer the highest payouts in binary trading, 95% per trade, and up to a 100% cash bonus for your deposit. When you deposit today, ask for their special Apple gifts promotion: an iphone, ipad or imac might be yours for free! With an excellent team of professionals to assist you this is a most profitable choice for your trading account:

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  • OptionBit offers you an amazing set of educational materials, trading tools and professional customer service. But their main advantage is the best financial data and strategic trading signals tool – Algobit –  which you receive for free. This new and modern signals service will allow you to predict your trades more accurately and earn money more consistently. This binary option broker is the perfect destination for your investment funds to grow and your monies to multiply:

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  • Global Option offers so much more in comparison to Cedar Finance. Their 1-on-1 training is perfect for new traders and an exceptional mobile site allows you to profit from wherever you are. Global Option is the highest paying brokers, giving you a 95% return per trade, besides which you will receive a cash bonus as soon as you open your account. Make your deposit now with Global Option to begin learning strategies from investment experts and gain more from your trades:

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  • Anyoption, like Cedar Finance, is among the largest binary options brokers worldwide. But the resemblance stops there, because this innovative and trustworthy broker provides personal account managers and an array of instructional trading videos, as well as additional free educational materials for registered customers. You will learn about risk management and digital options strategies with this market leader,  a binary company worth investing with. Make a deposit and begin trading with the aid of expert financial advisers:

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Cedar Finance Trading Platform

Cedar Finance is a white label company. This means it rents the use of a trading platform from a firm that has developed such a platform. In this case, it uses the SpotOption trading environment, which is the most well-known and common binary options platform worldwide. So one thing you do not need to worry about when reading this Cedar Finance review is the quality of the platform itself. It has been tested and approved worldwide, and is well-liked by users from every continent. What you should know is that brokers using this trading platform are technically capable of offering you a Demo Account. This will not always happen automatically. Most binary brokers have no interest in allowing traders to practice and improve their skills using a simulation account and spending no money. Yet some SpotOption brokers openly offer this benefit. The conclusion of this Cedar Finance review is that requesting a demo account is possible, since technically the company would be able to provide one for you. Most brokers will prefer giving you a welcome bonus instead, and frankly, receiving cash is always better than receiving valueless chips to practice with.

Cedar Finance review of asset list

The asset list is very important for binary options strategy purposes. You want to be able to build a selection of assets that allows you to profit from any market circumstance. Although this company does have all the necessary options available, in this sense the site is a mess. This is perhaps the biggest concern of this Cedar Finance review. How can a firm that offers financial services have such an unprofessional looking site? When clicking on their asset list, and searching through the four different types of options (currencies, stocks, indices and commodities), everything is mixed up. Moreover, the trading platform only shows the assets currently available and not the entire list, another minus. True, experienced traders will have no problem finding all their preferred binary options, but it still does not excuse the poor job done by Cedar Finance here. A reliable broker has to make sure every major asset is available to you. Give you the ability to create an excellent portfolio and earn money from all the variations that financial markets offer.

Cedar Finance Payouts

Payouts should not be a major concern when choosing a binary broker, unless you are a veteran searching for the best payments on specific trades. The digital options market offers very high yields and the key is not finding the broker that pays a little more, but the one that gives the best service. That being said, this broker offers average payouts of roughly 70-75%. You can earn 75 dollars for each 100 dollar option you purchase. Considering that binary options have very short expiry terms, this translates into being able to make money fast, working from home. Don’t let that pipe dream confuse you, though. Although this is possible, it is neither easy nor simple. It will require a lot of learning. The best option for new traders regarding payouts is EZTrader. This is considered to be one of the most professional broker worldwide, and among others, it offers an excellent asset list. But what differentiates it is the payout percentage of 95% for correctly predicted options. This return is the highest available and guarantees the best results for new traders, which tend to err more often. So if you are getting started, in terms of payouts, make your initial deposit at EZTrader.

Tutorials Review

Another flaw to the Cedar Finance system is the tutorials. The site promises personal account managers, tutoring, seminars and one-on-one training, among others. Nonetheless, in reality, not much is offered at all in terms of assistance, guidance, and most importantly, learning. Binary options trading success comes through knowledge and the ability to create a binary options strategy. Many brokers do offer the necessary information and assistance to achieve this. But not this one. A Cedar Finance scam rumor will certainly gain strength if promises given by the site are not fulfilled. Brokers are not obligated to provide traders with free materials. In fact, most professional traders invest real money in preparing themselves better. Binary options software and signals are available, and sometimes the more expensive ones are the only worthy of your money and time.

Cedar Finance Review Summary

  • This binary broker is quickly becoming popular in the United States and other English speaking countries.
  • It has an excellent platform provided by Spotoption, a good asset list, reasonable payouts and it’s easy to begin trading with them.
  • The growth rate is in fact so meaningful, that it can today be considered one of the three largest US based binary companies.
  • The large number of new customers might have been to much for this company to handle, causing scam allegations. A similar process experiences by another US broker, TradeRush.
  • At time, professionalism is an issue. There is hardly any mention of the risk of digital trading, the site is not properly set up and lacks meaningful information.
  • These flaws create talk about a Cedar Finance scam in forums and social networks.
  • If you are new to binary options it is probably safer to start with a well-known and proven broker. Give Cedar Finance some more time and review the possibility of working with them in the future.

Cedar Finance Review – Updates

On August 2013 Cedar Finance had expanded its services to include German, French, Italian and Russian, although the core issues are still unsolved. Some educational materials have been added to the site, but scam allegations continue to echo from various social forums.

As of May 2013, the company corrected a mishap on the asset list which had been quite messy prior to this improvement. While it is divided to stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, a flaw had previously shown the asset categories all mixed up and out of order. Fortunately, this has now been fixed. Visit this page for constant updates to our review of Cedar Finance activities. We constantly monitor changes and receive updates from traders testing this binary company.