EZTrader Scam


Is EZTrader a scam or a reliable broker?

Are binary options a Ponzi scheme or a solid investment?

If you want to earn money trading on line, there is a real opportunity out there for you. Though profitable, binary options are very risky, and choosing a trustworthy broker is pivotal for your success. How does EZTrader rank among binary firms? Found out now.

Is EZTrader legit?

EZTrader is among the largest and most well-known binary options brokers worldwide. It has also had significant success catering to the European market as a whole. But is it reliable? Your decision involves investing your monies with this company, and we provide you with detailed information about the pros and cons of working with EZTrader.

Always remind yourself that binary options trading is highly speculative. What does this mean? That in the binary business, most traders make their investment decisions based on assumptions and conjectures rather than verifiable financial data. You should avoid these unreliable methods, and learn how to create profit online using serious investment tools.

Only a handful of binary options companies offer traders that opportunity. These are brokers who put at the trader’s disposal an array of educational means which allow you to understand how to benefit from consistent gains. Not surprisingly, this is where traders earn real money. Is EZTrader one of these few serious corporations?

Binary Options Brokers Comparison

How does EZTrader compare to the most successful companies? The basic answer is: reasonably. The EZTrader site offers an Education Center to help you learn binary options trading strategies and become familiarized with the trading platform. It also gives you a small cash bonus, and you might benefit from their high payouts.

But what when compared to other brokers 24Option has a better advisory staff. When investing with 24Option you get access to highly professional investments advisers who help you learn how to make the best decisions for increased profitability. The company has made a name for itself by hiring true financial experts, which is probably the main reason why you should choose 24Option as the destination for your successful binary options experience. Now it is also offering a 10% cash bonus:

There are other excellent binary brokers you could select. The list is short, but these are truly the best binary brokers. Besides, since EZTrader does not accept USA customers, here are also companies which welcome such traders:

Considered one of the most serious companies in the market, StockPair has made a name for itself by providing you with one-on-one training, risk free trades, and guaranteeing the preciseness of its asset prices.  With this very personalized approach, StockPair has been able to build a strong following of satisfied traders in the USA. If you are new to binary trading, it’s an excellent place to start:


OptionBit, a leading binary option company, offers an entire Education Center complete with videos, tutorials and ecourses. Targeting both experienced and unskilled traders, this is a perfect choice for those of you who want to take this investment opportunity seriously and earn steadily. With OptionBit you get exclusive free access to Algobit, the most advanced signals trading software that helps you make accurate predictions consistently:

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Anyoption offers you tons of videos, a free ecourse, additional educational tools and a very large asset list to work with. The amount of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices with which you can build your investment portfolio is a key to taking advantage of various market situations, and therefore this varied options list is a major plus. An experienced and trustworthy binary company, Anyoption will deposit a sizeable cash bonus in your account as soon as you sign up. A safe selection for your online trading funds:

More about the EZTrader company

EZTrader is owned by Win Global Markets (WGM), which acquired the brand in 2011. Operating since 2009, EZTrader immediately made an impact on the market by offering an exclusive trading platform and an unusually efficient customer service.

WGM had been part of the binary options field since its onset in 2008. The company, with subsidiaries in Delaware, Cyprus and Israel, eventually based its operations from Cyprus, a move aimed at diminishing tax costs.

Similarly to all other binary brokers, EZTrader is unable to receive any formal regulation, and has therefore sought other means to guarantee the safety of the money invested with it, as well as provide customers with a larger sense of assurance.

For this purpose, it is one of very few binary options companies quoted on NASDAQ’s OTC Bulletin Board. Although FINRA (the American Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) provide some regulation service for the OTCBB, companies are not subjected to corporate governance. Therefore, the fact that EZTrader is quoted by this over-the-counter securities listing is mostly a show of seriousness and commitment to financial transparency. It is not, nonetheless, a regulatory guarantee.

EZTrader complaints

With so much success and a reputation for being a top brand in the binary field, why is EZTrader sometimes involved with scam accusations? Complaints about the company are not uncommon on forums and social sharing sites, and although such comments are hardly as frequent as those directed towards Cedar Finance, they still can be found. Why?

As explained before, binary trading is risky. As a responsible trader, you must understand that any investment that offers the opportunity to earn a 95% payout in a matter of minutes involves a level of uncertainty. That is why many incautious investors who seek rapid profits end up losing their monies to hasty decision-making. These individuals later complain about the outcome as though the brokers themselves have tricked them out of their money. Is this a fair fraud denunciation?

That depends mostly on the broker you choose. A serious broker, like any of the ones mentioned above, clarifies to traders that there is risk involved, provides instructional tools and risk management advice, and sells binary options for what they are: a highly profitable, volatile investment.

Yet other companies avoid such transparency, describing binary trading as a sure-fire investment that will translate to huge immediate gains. Although that is not an outright fraud, it is a questionable attitude that sometimes might justify branding these firms as scams. EZTrader certainly does not fit this negative bill. It has proven to be a professional and reliable broker.

EZTrader scam – Summary

  • EZTrader was launched in 2009 and since 2011 is owned by Win Global Markets
  • Based in Cyprus, WGM is quoted on Nasdaq and is a well-known and reliable company involved with online financial services since 2001
  • Nonetheless, being quoted on the OTCBB does not provide customers with a full guarantee
  • EZTrader compares favorably with most other binary options trading companies, and is respected as a major component of this field
  • EZTrader is one of only a very few binary brokers operating with its own trading platform
  • While most brokers are white-label companies and depend on a platform provider, EZTrader developed its own trading environments
  • Their trading platform has been praised by traders
  • This is one of a small number of binary brokers you can trust and invest with

EZTrader Scam Updates

July 2015 hasn’t been a particularly strong month for EZTrader, dropping this binary broker from the top 5 largest binary companies worldwide. EZTrader has decreased its market share substantially in Italy, losing its leadership in this large European country. Furthermore, it has decreased its presence in the Netherlands, and seems to be downsizing constantly.

As a result of its high standards of customer service, EZTrader scam rumors are scarce, while praise to this broker has increased significantly in financial social forums. While its main competitors do not suffer at all from the fraud label, EZTrader continues to establish itself as a second choice for traders seeking a reliable trading atmosphere.