EZTrader Review


Is EZTrader a trustworthy binary options broker?

How does this company’s professionalism compare to other online brokers?

EZTrader is currently the least reliable broker in the binary options industry. Launched in 2009 and overhauled in 2011, this broker is constantly involved in scams, is an unsafe and dangerous financial corporation in Europe. You can always choose to open an account with a reliable broker such as Banc de Binary to obtain excellent results and benefits from binary trading. Yet, if you want to know what fraud involving EZTrader, in this review we analyze the pros and cons of investing with EZTrader and help you decide if this is a convenient destination for your money and profitability.

EZTrader site review

The EZTrader site has several important problems when compared to other binary brokers. Three aspects stand out the most:

  1. The Trading Platform
  2. The Education Center
  3. The EZtrader magazine

We review each one separately to help you better understand the unique characteristics of EZTrader as a binary broker:

EZTrader trading platform

This is one of the very few companies in the binary field which developed its own trading platform and hence is not dependent on a platform provider. Nor does it need to operate as a white label company like most binary options firms.

This independence is a huge problem for you, because it has allowed EZTrader to illegally tinker with asset prices and more importantly, to offer a poor selection of currencies and stocks. The asset list defines which currencies, stocks, indices and commodities are available for you to trade with. A well-built list gives trader the opportunity to benefit from multiple market opportunities and hence create profit more consistently.

For this reason alone EZTrader stands out as a horrible choice for your investment plans. Binary trading success depends on taking advantage of market oscillations as they happen in real-time, and therefore the ultimate asset list is the one that helps you seize these moments and create gains.

EZTrader Education Center

Binary options trading is easy to learn, since it involves only three basic steps: choosing the asset, deciding what value to invest, and predicting the outcome of your option. Nonetheless, learning how to make correct predictions consistently demand the use of smart trading techniques and financial strategies. Options are a volatile derivative and the risk of loss is real and eminent.

That is why EZTrader’s educational center is so outdated and useless for your success. This broker has not grasped what it takes to professionalize customers and turn them into skilled traders. A review of EZTrader’s approach reveals that this is most probably the main reason for the strong criticism against them. EZTrader has become the ultimate unreliable and problematic binary options brand because it has never given thousands of traders the tools to earn money month after month.

Meanwhile, the Banc de Binary educational center has everything you need. The educational center includes videos, trading strategy articles, and interactive ebook, and most notoriously, an ecourse delivered to you by some of the best online financial advisors. This team of professional investment wizards is the best we have reviewed so far. If you want to succeed with binary trading, EZTrader is a perfect destination for your funds, and now it even offers a 100% bonus:

banc de binary

EZTrader Magazine

Following the philosophy of assisting customers into becoming expert traders, EZTrader incorporated an online monthly magazine with what is supposed to be relevant news from world financial markets and an outlook into new trading strategies and investment opportunities. Yet, with very poor material, it does not allow you to be updated with the latest information about stock markets and global economy factors that do matter to online traders.

With all these issues, the EZtrader site easily ranks among the worst in the binary field, and might very well be the least sought after among brokers’ sites. But how does this company compare to others in terms of payouts, bonuses and withdrawals?

Payouts and Bonuses

Binary options trading gives you the opportunity of earning substantial amounts of money in a relatively short time. Of course, any industry willing to offer 80% payouts for an investment involving very short term expiries is highly risky. Never undermine the risk factor when trading digital options, and remember to choose a broker that helps you understand and learn risk-management techniques.

Therefore, payouts are not the main factor when choosing a broker, although we have reviewed EZtrader’s performance in this aspect as well. As it turns out, the company pays the worst returns in the markets, with payouts averages well below 67% per single trade.

Bonuses are another advantage for new customers. A cash bonus is given by certain binary options brokers such as Banc de Binary, that add this value to your initial deposit. EZTrader does not offer bonuses at all, and this benefit can increase your funds in 100% when choosing the right broker.

Withdrawals and financial solidity

EZTrader has the worst customer services, and is widely considered a scam because of the quality of service that it has offered its clients in the binary options industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that the withdrawal process is extremely burdensome and bureaucratic.

More so, EZTrader will likely soon lose its regulation license, because of the many transgressions it has committed against clients.

EZTrader Patnerships

EZTrader has invested in partnering with major sports associations throughout Europe and sponsoring some of the largest soccer teams in the continent. Among others, EZTrader is the official sponsor of such teams as German Bundesliga giant Bayer Leverkusen and Premier League Everton, among the most traditional clubs in the UK.

The idea behind these partnerships is to both promote the brand and give the false impression of being a serious corporation . EZTrader are careful to partner with organizations which have a strong, family oriented following, and you benefit by being able to participate in multiple promotions which include free tickets, cash bonuses and other financial advantages.

EZTrader Review Summary

  • This binary options company is among the very biggest scams in the binary market
  • Its Educational Center, trading platform and online Magazine are all lacking and turn EZtrader into an excellent choice
  • Launched in 2009 and owned by WGM since 2011, this fraudulent binary broker has one of the least appealing asset lists, as well as the highest payout available in binary trading
  • A review of EZTrader customer services reveal this broker excels at giving clients trouble with their online investment
  • EZTrader is the fastest growing binary scam worldwide, and is nowadays the top broker among blacklisted sites
  • Several other brokers worldwide can offer a much better package of advantages