Global Trader 365 Scam


Ready to profit from binary trading while minimizing risks?

Need to know if  Global Trader 365 is a  scam or  an investment opportunity?

Before choosing your binary broker, understand what are the main characteristics that define a reliable broker, and discover how Global Trader 365 ranks in those important categories.

What is Global Trader 365

A binary options broker that operates as a white label, in other words, not through its own trading platform. This does pose a problem, since only brokers that have developed their own platform can guarantee your money with a full regulatory process.

And this should be your main concern, because without a license, the broker you choose cannot be liable for your money or profits. Unfortunately Global Trader 365 lacks any type of licensing, and therefore investing through this company increases your risk.

Here is how Global Trader 365 compares with the leading and most well-respected brokers in the binary options industry:

TopOption is the only binary company that owns its trading platform and is fully regulated by the CySEC financial authority, therefore totally licensed for the European Union (although it does not accept North American traders). In addition to this assurance, it offers the best Educational Center, specifically because of the quality of its financial advisers, always available in guiding you to success. Nowadays, it also gives you a 100% cash bonus:

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GOptions is  broker that allows you to trade safely and free of worries. More so, it allows you to learn trading strategies in one-on-one training sessions with top financial advisers, gives you risk-free trades and guarantees the accuracy of the assets’ prices. If you are new to binary options trading and want to immediately improve your knowledge and obtain better results, Goptions and its personal training assistance is perfect for your financial goal:


OptionBit is another example of a broker offering you much more than the Global Trader 365 package. OptionBit is the only place where you can use Algobit, the most advanced trading signals platform of the binary options markets. This free software (for OptionBit clients only) identifies the most immediate and profitable trades in the world markets, and executes the trade from within your trading platform. All that is left for you to do is approve each trade and benefit from an increase in profitability:

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Global Trader 365 Site

Any binary options broker site is composed of two separate environments: the trading platform, and informative content. In the case of Global Trader, and since it is a white label, the trading platform is effectively owned and managed by Spotoption, a major trading platforms provider.

The Spotoption interface used by Global Trader 365 is good. The asset list made available to traders has a vast array of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, enough for creating a successful portfolio.

Yet the rest of the site does not add much to your trading experience, and the videos and tutorials available are very basic. Yet the real issues with the site go beyond the quality of the content.

Global Trader 365 Fraud Rumors

Global Trader 365 is not a scam because its purpose is definitely not to take your monies unlawfully. But what characterizes a reliable binary options broker is the transparency of its actions, especially considering that these are supposed to be serious financial institutions.

When making an investment, you would rightfully expect the company assisting you to inform you properly of the risks involved, and this is not the case with Global Trader 365. Even more disturbing is the fact that the site lacks information about the ownership of the the site, the Geographical location of its offices, and the countries and or banks where your money will be deposited.

As it turns out, the company is located in Bulgaria, and that does not sound very reassuring. Reading the fine print we discovered that EEMG LTD. is the company responsible for the financial operations of Global Trader 365.

Yet the problems surrounding the lawfulness of this binary options broker do not stop here.

The Bonus Scam

As many other companies in this industry, Global Trader 365 offers a seemingly amazing promotion that includes a large cash bonus for new deposits. In such a scenario the client is offered, for example, an extra 500 dollars for a 1000 dollar initial deposit.

The catch of this scheme is that by giving you the bonus the company is severely limiting your ability to withdraw your money. Not only your bonus money, but your funds altogether. Even if this is not a complete fraud, since after all, the broker has the right to demand a certain trading volume if it is handing clients free money, it does seem inappropriate that there is no clear mention of the withdrawal limits.

As a general rule, traders should always be mindful when accepting cash bonuses. As always, it is best to choose regulated corporations, because such binary options firms are supervised and very straightforward regarding your money’s safety.

Global Trader 365 Scam – Conclusion

Although scam is too harsh a word, Global Trader 365 does not seem like the safest place for your investment. This binary broker does not offer any special advantages, while presenting some clear disadvantages. For that reason alone, it is wiser to choose more experienced and reliable companies.

Binary options trading involves risk regardless of the choice you make. This is a volatile and speculative investment with a financial derivative, and therefore caution and strategy should be an integral part of your trading methods.

On the other hand, of course, the high yields can create an additional monthly income and allow you to profit consistently. Make sure to work with brokers such as TopOption, and make the best of the knowledge that is offered to you. This is a free service, and one that can prove very beneficial to the final results of your investment.