GOptions Review


What is GOptions

GOptions is a relatively new binary options broker that has been making a very good impression by offering certain exclusive features that can definitely enhance your profits. If you want to make money with binary trading, this company could definitely be a smart selection. To help you choose and avoid scams and fraudulent brokers, here is how GOptions compares to the leading corporations.

GOptions vs Top Brokers

One of the most significant advantages of GOptions is that it welcomes American traders, something that most other brokers do not. Furthermore, this company is the only binary platform that allows you to engage in Forex trading from within the same interface, thus diversifying your investment and earning more. It also exclusive 30 seconds traders, which no other broker can match, and risk-free trades for new clients who want to test the trading sessions without risks. To earn money online you can definitely use GOptions:


When compared to TopOption, the largest and most successful broker worldwide, GOptions is able to match fairly well. Nonetheless, for European traders, TopOption is more convenient, since it offers a license that specifically protects the funds of traders located in Europe. TopOption also offer a very complete educational center, so if you are interested in learning more about binary trading, this is a perfect scenario:

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OptionBit are also a better choice for clients which are not American. An experienced and highly professional binary options broker, OptionBit also offers the most advanced signals service in the market. Although both GOptions and TopOption give free signals services to their traders, OptionBit has developed Algobit, a highly sophisticated software that scans financial markets in real time, identifies the best opportunities and even executes the trades. All that you will need to do is approve each individual transaction, and enjoy the high level of accuracy this tool offers.

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There are other brokers in the market, each with its set of benefits and flaws. All in all though, GOption, in spite of being a relatively new broker, has proven to be an excellent means of earning money.

A GOption Scam?

Binary options is a highly speculative and volatile financial instrument. This derivative involves risk, which is to be expected from an investment offering an 80% profit on every single trade. As a result, there is a real possibility of loss. Traders who have lost their money are normally those who accuse brokers of fraud. Is this true?

First, as in any industry, there are serious and reliable corporations, such as those mentioned above, and there are companies you should avoid. Creating a simple online trading site is easy, and unfortunately there are many binary brokers out there which cannot and should not be trusted.

GOptions, nonetheless, does not match that description at all. This is a company which has set an example by offering same-day withdrawals, giving you swift access to your money. It also is very transparent in cautioning traders about the risks involved. While accusations against this and other lawful brokers will always exist, all in all GOptions has maintained an excellent reputation.

GOptions Site and Platform

The GOptions trading platform is operated by Spotoption, the largest platform provided in the binary options field. As a result, you will be able to trade with an easy-to-use interface, without the need to download anything to your computer.

GOptions is one of the only brokers worldwide to guarantee the price of assets. In other words, if for some reason the platform fails to use the accurate price of an asset due to delay (which can sometimes happen when trading online) and you end up losing money as a result, GOptions will revert the result and refund you fully. Many other brokers simply state that such a situation may at times occur, at the client’s risk.

While offering multiple advantages, the GOptions asset list is not spectacular. Variety is key when constructing an investment portfolio, and an extensive asset index allows traders to benefit from a larger variety of market trends.

Binary options assets are divided into four categories:

  1. Currencies
  2. Stocks
  3. Indices
  4. Commodities

While most traders give preference to currencies, being able to use all types of options can result in higher accuracy levels. GOptions offers a relatively small list. While it does include all of the more popular assets, and will certainly suffice new traders, it is definitely a place where the company could improve.

Learning Binary Trading

To diminish risks and improve the profitability of your trading account, one major aspect is learning strategies and using verifiable methods that can create consistency. GOptions offer a blog with interesting financial articles covering both online trade activities as well as important economy news.

Likewise, there are daily updates about world stock markets, and a segment that introduces you to forex trading.In all, the site certainly allows traders to learn more about binary options and perform more efficiently. Yet when compared to major brokers such as TopOption or OptionBit, perhaps this is an area in which GOptions may still grow.

GOptions Review – Conclusions

  • GOptions is a binary options broker launched in late 2012 and operating from British Virgin Island, probably for tax exemption purposes.
  • This corporation offers some unique advantages such as 30 second options and forex trading.
  • GOptions is not a scam but rather a financial institution offering an online speculative investment.
  • Binary trading can be treacherous, and therefore choosing a reliable broker is a key to success.
  • When compared to top companies such as TopOption or OptionBit, GOptions proves to be a viable choice for your investment funds.