GrandOption Scam


Is GrandOption a scam?

Should you stay away from this broker?

Should you avoid binary options all together?

We have reviewed this issue thoroughly and have all the answers here for you. Here is how GrandOption compares to the top binary brokers:

Reliable Binary Brokers

GrandOption is a small broker offering very little opportunities to its traders, as you will soon find out. But to better understand how it compares to top competitors, take a look at what the best brokers offer:

TopOption is the best company in this field, with an excellent team of professional financial advisers ready to assist you and lead you towards profits. Besides its education center, which is the largest and most complete in this industry, it also offers the highest payouts, free signals, and a generous 100% casch welcome bonus. TopOption is fully regulated and safe:

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For US traders, the best destination is GOptions, which emphasizes quality customer service. It guarantees accurate asset prices during trading sessions, same-day withdrawals and risk free trades which allow you to test your trading strategies and profit from binary options without risk:


OptionBit is another example of what GrandOption lacks and will not give its clients. OptionBit has developed the most advances trading signals software, ALgobit, designed exclusively for the binary options dynamics. This software identifies which are the best trades, executes them for you, and all that is left for you to do is confirm the transaction and benefit from higher accuracy rates:
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While these brokers help you become a skilled and professional trader while protecting your interests and your money, GrandOption seems to want to go the other way…

Is GrandOption Legit?

GrandOption is a new broker on the market, which is the first reason you should avoid investing with it. Binary options has had its share of ill-intentioned companies, and whenever a new binary broker steps into the market, it is wise to wait and see how it performs. Grandoption is aimed at binary options traders in the Turkey. This company is part of the group that owns 24option, another broker deeply involved in scam rumors. GrandOption is starting on a very wrong foot. One major red light when reviewing a new binary options is their About Us page. In this case, it gives no real information, and you as a client are left to wonder who is behind this company.

Why GrandOption is a scam risk

Binary options are financial instruments that give you the opportunity to earn fabulous amounts of money, and offer amazing returns. But, make no mistake about it: most traders lose more money than what they earn, and this is a statistic fact. That is why binary options brokers such as GrandOption make lots of money. More so, Grandoption earn money solely when the traders lose theirs. So your loss is their gain.

This is not unlawful, but not explaining this clearly to potential customers is. When a broker lacks transparency and is not willing to explain the real risks and odds of the investment, it should not be surprised when accused of fraud.

For you to be on the right end of the statistics, you need to take your trading seriously and learn some binary options strategy and facts. We suggest you choose a reliable, well known trader who has made a real effort to adapt its site to your needs and offer quality binary options tutoring and risk management.

GrandOption Tutorials

GrandOption seemingly offer you a full segment dedicated to trading tutorials and educational material. The grandiose name of GrandOption Academy sadly does not live up to its title, as only one page in the entire site is dedicated to informing you about trading strategies, and even that is very limited in the actual information it delivers. Binary options trading is an opportunity to invest and receive a quick and meaningful return. Yet for that to happen you need to be working with a broker you can trust and that gives you real assistance. So far Grandoption has not fit the bill.

Perhaps eventually this broker will realize how the market has developed and match the type of offers that serious corporations are preparing and giving traders. Until then, the reputation of GrandOption will remain dubious.

Site Review

A user-friendly trading platform and a comprehensive list of assets for you to choose your binary trades is an important advantage that GrandOption lacks. Furthermore, there is no bonus for your first deposit. A bonus is real extra money in your account which many binary brokers offer. Another meaningful service you will not find with this company.

You need to rely on a firm that has the approval of experienced traders and has a proven track record of serious service. If GrandOption choose to enter the market without even informing you who is behind this company, definitely a scam is something you must consider and fear.

It is too early to know if there is a GrandOption scam. Traders must always be careful trading binary options, since there is major risk involved and because nothing comes without an effort. So signing up with GrandOption does not seem like a reasonable decision for now. Meanwhile, give preference to experienced brokers offering real tutorials and free assistance.

GrandOption Scam – Summary

  • GrandOption is a relatively inexperienced broker
  • It owned by RODELER LIMITED, although the ownership’s name has changed several times since it was launched, a major red-flag
  • Located in Cyprus, GrandOption is part of the same group that runs the 24option site, another broker with a questionable reputation
  • Reliable brokers can be selected, which offer an array of tools, assistance and security to traders
  • As a result, it is best to currently avoid GrandOption and concentrate on financial corporations you can trust