GTOptions Scam


Heard rumors about a GTOptions scam?

Want to know if this is a reliable binary broker?

Binary trading is your opportunity to earn an additional income with relative ease. Yet it can also be a frustrating experience if you choose the wrong company to invest with. Here we reveal all the flaws and possible benefits of trading with GTOptions and address the fraud allegations this firm has faced in the past.

Is GToptions legit or a fraud?

Binary options scam talk is common in social media sites and therefore the fear of being taken advantage of is clear. The cause of these rumors is simple: many new traders hope to make some quick money with binary trading and become very frustrated when their investment is lost. You don’t need to follow that trend. Quite the opposite, become one of those satisfied customers who earns consistently by trading online.

That is why you shouldn’t focus on discovering if GTOptions is legit. The fact that their site doesn’t even inform where the company is registered should be enough cause for alarm. Concentrate on opting one of those few binary brokers that have helping clients create a steady income.

EZTrader is an excellent example. An experienced and serious company that has the best team of financial advisors, this company hands out the highest payouts of the binary market while giving you the most practical and efficient services. Traders reported a sharp increase in their earnings when selecting this broker. Besides offering you advice about trading strategies, they teach you risk control mechanisms. This type of transparency and seriousness is an advantage that you should not miss out on:

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Likewise, Global Option’s one-on-one training service has allowed traders to significantly improve their profit levels while acquiring a valuable trading education from investment professionals. With the highest payout of the market, this broker gives you both knowledge and more money:

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TradeRush  has avoided issues similar to the GTOptions scam complaints by offering clients excellent online tutorials and learning tools. When a broker is helping you with free educational material such as trading videos and on-on-one training, you know they are partnering in your success. A sizeable cash bonus is another reason to deposit your funds with TradeRush and quickly improve your investment expertise.

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About GTOptions

A big reason to doubt the seriousness and reliability of this company is the total lack of information it offers about itself. It is unclear where this broker is registered, who are the people behind this firm, or where are the clients’ fund being deposited.
All these issues should be treated with professionalism and transparency, and when such basic information is missing from a site that is supposed to be the destination of our investment monies, then scam claims will certainly arise. Such flaws tarnish the GTOptions brand and forces smart traders to choose more serious binary options companies.

Launched in early 2012, this site has been online barely a year . During this short time effort has been made for it to look professional and interesting. GTOptions is a white-label firm operating through the SpotOption trading platform. This is the largest binary options platform provider worldwide, and in that aspect, GTOptions offers an excellent experience.

The asset list is also a plus, with a large variety of options available. Although the site suggests clients have access to learning tools, the vast majority of these are instructional videos or text teaching traders how to use the site and platform. There is little material that actually helps traders become more efficient.

GTOptions scam summary

  • GTOptions is a very new binary broker
  • The location and legal status of this company is unclear and no information is offered by the site
  • Transparency is a key for any company involved in financial activities
  • Always prefer to invest your money with an experienced and reputable broker
  • The GTOption site is available in Russian, French and English
  • It uses the very popular SpotOption trading platform, which is a plus
  • When compared to serious binary options firms such as EZTrader or TradeRush, GTOPtions leaved much to be desired
  • To avoid being linked to fraud, this firm should improve several segments of its site
  • Among them: clarifying how your deposit is handled and what guarantees its safe return
  • Until then, rumors of a GTOptions scam might even increase
  • Protect your investment by choosing a broker with credentials and proven success