OBMarkets Scam


Do you want to make money trading binary options?

Wonder if you should choose OBMarkets to be your binary broker?

No other online trading activity offers the high yields available in binary trading. But this financial derivative is also a high risk, volatile investment. Is OBMarkets a company that can help you profit consistently, or is this a scam that you should avoid? Read carefully and protect your money wisely.

What is OBMarkets?

OBMarkets is a new, small and obscure binary options trading site, that offers absolutely no advantages over its competitors. In fact, a review of this firm reveals that it is among the binary brokers who offer the least to its clients.

Online financial investments are a serious business and you should only deposit funds with professional and trustworthy companies. But OBMarkets gives too many sign of not being such a binary broker and presents issues that are even worse than those found when reviewing Cedar Finance.

Before listing the many issues that alert to the possibility of an OBMarkets scam, or at least a very lacking site, understand what the market leaders offer. This way you will be able to compare it to OBMarkets more clearly.

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Launched in mid 2013, OBMarkets does not even inform where it is located. Much less give any details of how your money will be managed or who will vouch for it. Unwilling to disclose even the most basic data, definitely puts OBMarkets in the spotlight of scam rumors.

Is OBMarkets reliable?

Binary options trading is a speculative form of investing. Customers must understand that no industry can offer the returns available in binary trading unless the risk of loss is slightly higher than the chance for success.

Therefore, choosing a reliable broker that works with transparency and offers you the tools to become a professional trader is a key to improving your odds. Accusing OBMarkets of fraud is an exaggerated statement. There is no proof that this company will not honor the results clients obtain in the trading platform.

Nonetheless, it certainly does not convey an image of professionalism and trust. We have mentioned the issue with location. It is bad enough that an investment site does not inform clients where the company is geographically located. Even worse, there is no mention as to who has ownership of the site.

So if you do get into a fall-out with this site, who will you contact and what will protect you? These are questions that need to have immediate answers. Of course, all the above mentioned market leaders have proper regulation. But the problems with OBMarkets do not stop there.

Asset list and Platform

OBMarkets is a white label binary options company. In other words, it leases the right to use the Spotoption trading platform, and has not developed an independent trading environment. This is not a cause of alarm. But the asset list OBMarkets offers is.

Creating a diversified investment portfolio is an important part of your trading strategy. Binary options is a dynamic investment, with changes and opportunities appearing constantly throughout the day. In order to be able to profit from these situations, your broker needs to provide you with a variety of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices that is large enough to guarantee your success.

The OBMarkets asset list is very limited and there are much larger and varied lists available with other binary companies. This is another sign that OBMarkets has not made much of an investment in providing clients with proper trading tools.

Another proof of this flaw is the lack of an Education Center, always at your disposal when trading with the larger and binary corporations. Of course, not providing tutorials, ebooks and other learning options is not a fraud, but it indicated the type of deal you would be getting, and certainly should avoid.

OBMarkets in the binary market

The OBMarkets site is available in three languages: English, Arabic and French, but caters mostly to the French public, which composes about 80% of its client base. In spite of its uninspiring site, it had been able to achieve some success in France, an achievement that will be short lived unless the site is substantially upgraded.

The payouts offered in the site are within market average, and the asset list, as mentioned is lacking. The Spotoption trading platform allows for a good trading experience, and includes the basic investment options, such as call/put and 60 seconds trades.

OBMarkets Scam – Summary

  • OBMarkets was launched circa June 2013 and has targeted the French market
  • Scam fear is understandable, given the lack of transparency of this binary broker
  • The absence of basic information about the whereabouts of OBMarkets and the people or companies behind it are a good cause for caution and fraud alerts
  • Earning money with binary options demands risk control, which start with choosing serious and regulated brokers such as TopOption or OptionBit
  • OBMarkets asset index is significantly smaller than what would constitute a recommended list of of binary options varieties
  • The OBMarkets does not offer any instructional videos or education material aimed at assisting clients in improving their trading skills
  • Although it might not be an outright scam, OBMarkets is currently a poor choice for your binary trading activities