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Need accurate reviews about Optie24 and binary options trading?

Binary trading is an excellent opportunity to earn money online, but those high payouts also include some meaningful risk. Learn whether Optie24 is a safe company, and how it compares to the top binary brokers.

Optie24 Comparison

A review of this company reveals that it is not yet ready to compete with some of the top brokers of the binary industry. This Dutch broker which caters solely to the Netherlands does not have the same tools nor does it offer the safety that leading binary companies offer.

TopOption is the leading binary options company in the Netherlands and among the top brokers worldwide. Its main advantages over Optie24 are first and foremost the fact that it is fully regulated and licensed to operate as a true financial institute in the European Union, guaranteeing the safety of your deposit. Furthermore, it offers an array of educational tools and the assistance of professional investment advisers. You are given a 100% bonus and can trade with more money while testing your strategies. This broker is obviously more experienced, trustworthy and advantageous than Optie24.

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OptionBit meanwhile offer the most advanced trading signals tool of the binary market, for free. Algobit is a software that is incorporated to your trading platform. It scans the world financial markets in real time, and identifies opportunities for trades with a higher probability of success. Algobit executes the trade for you, and all that is left for you to do is approve each transaction and enjoy higher profits. This is a high-tech trading device, while Optie24 does not offer any type of signals service.

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StockPair is another fully regulated, highly dependable and experienced broker, which gives traders the opportunity to receive online training sessions, particularly, from excellent investment advisers. This is a major advantage for new traders, and enables you to learn binary options trading, strategies and risk management:

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While it is true that Optie24 is the only truly Dutch binary broker, this is hardly an advantage, since without proper regulation, your investment there remains unprotected, let alone the fact that it offers very little educational tools and advice.

What is Optie24

Binary options trading have taken the online trading scenario by storm, and have become the fastest growing internet-based investment worldwide. With its very high payouts, simple concept and dynamic trading sessions, binary trading is a success, inclusively in the Netherlands.

With the popularity of binary options rising, a local group decided to join this industry, and less than an year ago created Pip Invest BV, the company that owns the Optie24 site. Located in Rotterdam, there is little information about Pip Invest, other than it being the company behind the trading platform of Optie24.

As mentioned before, any high-yielding investment, such as binary options, involves high-risk, and not only elevated profits. Depositing your financial trust in a company launched not even 12 month ago, does not seem reasonable, even if the company is Dutch, possibly its only advantage.

Optie24 Payouts and Assets reviews

There are four types of assets available in most trading platforms:

  1. Currencies
  2. Indices
  3. Stocks
  4. Commodities

Having a varied asset list is an important ingredient of your trading strategy. It allows you to create an investment portfolio that can grasp any opportunity that the world financial markets offer.

That is why the very limited asset index offered by Optie24 is a significant drawback. With only a handful of forex pairing and indices, it fails to give traders the type of variety needed to obtain success with binary options.

Opties24 does offer average payout values. Although some binary brokers may offer more than the 75% return given by Optie24, this is not a major concern. What dictates the profits of binary traders is not the return rate, as much as the accuracy rate achieved throughout the customers investments.

To be able to earn consistently, a client must achieve an accuracy rate of 56% or above, definitely a high percentage in terms of investments, and one that is hard to reach. That is why the help, didactic tools, guidance and support are so necessary for you to truly profit.

Optie24 scam accusations

Although some rumors of scam surround this broker, there is no base for this accusations. Binary options trading is risky, and losing money is a possibility all traders should consider. The Optie24 site could point out more explicitly that there is a real danger of incurring in loss, yet all in all, the warnings on the site do exist. But even without the danger of fraud, the lack or regulation is certainly a cause for caution.

A properly regulated broker ensures the safety of your money, and choosing one that lacks regulation, such as Optie24, is an unnecessary risk. The fact that a Dutch binary options broker exists is a good sign, after all, which indicated that the Netherlands are a large and active market for binary trading.

Yet there is no justification of selecting this broker, considering the numerous advantages that the top brokers of this field offer you.

Optie24 Review – Summary

  • Opties24 is the only binary options broker based in the Netherlands
  • This site is available in Dutch only and clearly caters to a very specific market
  • Although it has had success in snatching a nice share of the binary options market, Optie24 is not the preferred choice for you
  • Optie24 is not regulated, posing a threat to the safety of your investment
  • The leading global brokers of binary trading are properly licensed in the EU, offer guidance and special trading tools, and have vast experience
  • Optie24 offers little to know educational material, a very limited asset list, and a lack of professional guidance
  • Binary options involve risk, but are not a scam, neither is this broker
  • That being said, it is imperative to work using an appropriate trading strategy