OptieClub Review


Want to invest and earn with binary options?

Need a complete review of OptieClub to decide if this broker is reliable?

OptieClub is a Dutch binary options broker promising high yields and profits. Read this review to discover what is true and what is false regarding this company’s offers.

Ranking OptieClub

To establish just how good of a choice OptieClub is, the best system is to compare it to the leading binary options firms worldwide. This way, you can understand what to expect and demand from your broker.

Banc de Binary is first and foremost, not only because it is the leading corporation in the Netherlands, but principally because it offers both safety and financial advantages. Banc de Binary, as opposed to OptieClub, is fully regulated and supervised by European financial authorities, giving you full protection. Additionally, it offers the best and most complete education center, with tutorials, webinars and expert financial advisers. With its high promotional bonus, its excellent customer service and its learning tools, Banc de Binary is evidently a safe choice.

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OptionBit is another binary options broker worth comparing to OptieClub, as a result of the free signals trading tool it offers (OptieClube offers none). Algobit, the software developed and incorporated by OptionBit into your trading platform, performs constant scans of financial markets, gathers data and uses algorithms to help you find the most profitable trades. It even executes trades for you, leaving you simply with the task of approving transactions. These type of high-end investment tools added to Dutch account managers ready to assist you, is a reason why OptionBit, another fully regulated brand, has found such success in the Netherlands.

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StockPair is a third example of a site considerably more varied and interesting than OptieClub. This company offers several unique trading options, such as currency pair options (where one stock can be paired against the other) and a large and varied asset list which helps you create a versatile and profitable portfolio. Since binary trading depends so much on finding the right trend and opportunity to earn money, StockPairs long list of assets is a valuable tool to increase profits.

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What is OptieClub

While it is true that OptieClub caters exclusively to the Dutch market and therefore does not need to offer a site as large and extensive as the top brokers globally, it is this differential that ends up being its major flaw.

When choosing your financial corporation, you want a company that will feel and be safe and firmly established. Depositing money online has its risks, and to those one must add the risk of trading with such a speculative instrument as binary options. True, this financial derivative offers amazing returns and can help you earn a substantial income, but the risk is equally high.

Adding to this risk by choosing a very small broker that offers only the most basic needs for online traders, may not be the smartest choice. OptieClub was launched in mid 2013, and is established in the Netherlands, in Noordwijk. Yet this is an internet based business, and to you, it should not matter where the company is, but rather what it can offer.

The OptieClub Site

A review of the OptieClub site reveals that it is considerably smaller than a regular binary options site. It offers less on pretty much every aspect, and does not give customers some basic information, unless clients register.

It is common practice in the binary options field to allow potential clients to visit the trading platform and verify the asset list. Although OptieClub does not give visitors that privilege it does have some favourable features.

First, the minimum deposit value is very low, equivalent to just 50 euro. This is a bit misleading, since the minimum trade value is 10 euro, and therefore 50 euros is too small a value to invest and actually profit with. On the other hand OptieClub also offers a free demo account, which allows clients to use the trading platform as well as access the asset index, prior to investing real money.

Risks and Strategies

Binary Options is a type of financial derivative. In other words, it derives from an asset, but does not involve trading the asset itself. Financial derivatives are known to be speculative and volatile, because the investment surrounds a prognosis, and there is in fact no material ownership over a stock, commodity or currency. As a result, a wrong prediction can result in the loss of the investment, as opposed to trading with real assets.

That is why it is important that binary options brokers market their products with transparency, and inform customers about the risks involved, to avoid accusations of scam. OptieClub do inform traders about these risks, and in that sense, this review finds that they are straightforward and reliable.

On the other hand, there is also a need to learn risk management tactics and online trading strategies, such as hedging and position protection. Such information is very lacking in the OptieClue site, as it makes little to no effort in providing traders with educational material.

OptieClub Review – Summary

  • OptieClub is a Dutch binary options broker
  • Binary trading in Netherlands has grown continuously and has become very popular
  • A review of the OptieClub site reveals that this company does not offer any major benefits
  • When compared to leading brokers, OptieClub lacks tutorials, trading tools, financial advisors and other important trading aids
  • Binary options’ high payouts can be misleading. This investment involves risk
  • Learning trading techniques and strategies is important for those who want to take their online trading seriously
  • While it enables you to open an account with only 50 euro, currently OptieClub is not regulated, and therefore not sufficiently safe