OptiMarkets Scam


Do you want to make money with binary options trading?

Are you concerned about a possible OptiMarkets scam?

It is possible to make a nice monthly profit with binary options, but such outcome requires some training and knowledge, which is available through the best binary brokers. Find out if OptiMarkets is one of these reliable companies, or if the fraud rumors are actually true.

What is OptiMarkets

There are over 200 binary options brokers worldwide, and only a handful distinguish themselves for their reliability, professionalism and customer service. OptiMarkets is not one of them, although a review of this company’s site and activity do not seem to indicated any specific scam or ill-intent.

OptiMarkets was launched in late 2012, and during its first year of existence has been able to grow at a reasonable pace, although it is far from being a major binary options corporation. That is, in essence, also the main reason OptiMarkets is not a good destination for your investment money.

When compared to the brokers that help traders earn the most, OptiMarkets simply does not offer the type of services package that the market leaders will put at your disposition.

GOptions for example is the only broker that offers risk-free trades, same-day withdrawals and the guarantee of accurate prices during trading sessions. Intent on providing excellent customer service, it also offers a free signals service and high payouts that will help you profit consistently:


RedWood Options is among largest binary options company and the only one to give you a access to more than 80 trading videos, with which you can learn about trading strategies and risk management. Since they emphasize education, RedWood Options also offer an online free webinar that you can use to improve your knowledge and trade successfully:

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TopOption offers clients one-on-one trading sessions, the fastest way to learn binary options trading strategies and risk management. Offering an advanced mobile site, a very high payout and a generous cash bonus, this is another company that clearly has many advantages over OptiMarkets. Moreover, its large and diverse asset list allows you to create a profitable investment portfolio and exploit every market oscillation to your advantage:

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So while the allegations of a OptiMarkets scam are far fetched, this broker is nonetheless too inexperienced and its site too simple to be considered as a reasonable choice for your online investment.

Is OptiMarkets Reliable?

The extremely high payouts offered in the binary options industry are a sign that this investment is an excellent opportunity to earn additional income. It is also a sign of the speculative nature of this financial derivative and of the dangers of reckless trading. No business can offer to pay an 80% return on each trade unless the risk of loss is equally high.

Therefore, every step taken by a trader to minimize risks is a step in the right direction, and choosing a reliable broker is a priority. Is OptiMarkets a reasonable choice?

A look at the OptiMarkets site reveals that this company is not a financial institution you could trust. The site is too simple, offers no real educational tools, no real financial information, no access to professional investment consultants, and in short, no indication that there is any effort being made to safeguard your money or invest in creating a better trading experience for clients.

OptiMarkets is a white label firm leasing the use of the Tradologic trading platform. The simplicity of the site resembles something that could have been set up by a couple of friends sitting at home and hoping a few inexperienced traders will fall their way and create some easy income. Though this is in no way a scam, it does not transmit seriousness and does not create a sense of reliability.

Not surprisingly, the company, legally under the name of Astor Finance Ltd, and apparently based in the United Kingdom, has no regulation. It does not even offer a phone number or an address. Would you be comfortable depositing your money with a site that does not even reveal the phone number of its offices?

Even if it is not a fraud, OptiMarkets does not seem reliable at all.

A Limited Asset List

Within the context of a company that is not to be trusted, the OptiMarkets asset list is another demonstration of a firm offering very limited services to its clients. Binary trading is a dynamic financial investment with very short expiry and the ability to seize market opportunities is a major factor in the profitability this type of online trading can generate.

Creating a varied investment portfolio that includes an array of commodities, currencies, indices and stocks will sharply increase the probabilities of success. The OptiMarkets asset list is very limited in comparison to the average asset index throughout the binary options industry, and consists almost entirely of stocks, which are, by the way, the most difficult assets to succeed with in binary trading.

Although the trading platform created and developed by Tradologic is an advanced trading environment that permits traders to perform transactions with ease, the OptiMarkets site does not offer enough assets, and in that sense is a liability to your odds.

OptiMarkets Scam Summary

  • OptiMarkets is a relatively new and inexperienced binary options broker
  • This online trading site offers no advantages over other binary companies
  • To the contrary, some disadvantages are obvious, such as the lack of a regulatory license and an insufficient asset list
  • There is no information about the ownership of OptiMarkets, which is the type of red flag that could indicate a fraud
  • To be treated seriously, this binary company should at least post its legal address and phone number
  • There are professional, serious and successful binary companies to profit with, another reason to avoid OptiMarkets
  • The OptiMarkets site is available in English, French and German
  • Clients who deposit with OptiMarkets get an automatic cash bonus. This bonus immediately limits the customers ability to withdraw its funds, another strong indication of scam
  • Until it is able to offer a better and more reliable trading experience, it is best to avoid choosing this broker