Option Navigator Review


Want to make money trading binary options?

Need to know if Option Navigator is a reliable tool to help you create online profits?

Read this thorough review of Option Navigator and learn how this signals service can help or harm your binary trades.

What is Option Navigator?

Option Navigator is an auxiliary trading tool, known as an automated trading robot, or most commonly, a “bot”. This is a software that analyzes data from stock markets and simplifies the trading experience for binary options traders. Option Navigator is free.

The main benefits is that it increases the accuracy level of your predictions and allow you to trade more volume with a higher success rate, as you can verify viewing the following video. To simply register for this free tool, click here.

Brokers Suitable For Option Navigator

From time to time the Option Navigator software will recommend new binary options brokers that can be selected for use with this excellent money-generating tool. The criteria for allowing companies to offer this free service are:

  1. Broker must be fully regulated and licensed in Europe.
  2. Broker must be experienced and have an excellent reputation.
  3. Broker must maintain high standards of Customer Service.

Currently, there the main broker offering direct access to Option Navigator is StockPair.

StockPair is one of the largest brokers worldwide and a leader of the British and Australian binary options market. It is a company regulated by the CySEC to operate as a financial institution in the European Union, maintain the highest levels of safety for its clients.

Likewise, this broker is well known for it’s financial advisers and Educational tools, which have been praised by several traders. Currently, it also offers a 100% bonus. Remember, to use Option Navigator, all you need to do is open an account with one of its recommended brokers, and StockPair is definitely a good choice.


This broker has one of the highest payout rates of the binary market, with returns of up to 85% per trade.

Is Option Navigator Legit?

To use Option Navigator, you must open a trading account with a binary options broker. Option Navigator is an independent product that is being launched now, in mid 2014, and until it creates its database of clients, this financial tool is available for free. It is highly improbable that this situation will remain as and therefore it is strongly recommended to sign-in now, and benefit from this advantage while there is no charge.

The fact that Option Navigator is not directly dependent on any particular binary broker gives it a huge advantage, because the Option Navigator developers choose which companies can use its technology. For this purpose they have set high standards for any broker that wishes to offer this excellent benefit to its traders.

Binary options trading scams exist, and the Navigator software makes sure to distance itself of such rumors, by allowing users to choose only between a select group of reputable brokers. The best confirmation that Option Navigator is a legitimate device is that it only adapts to the platforms of professional and licensed binary options brokers.

Precautions using Option Navigator

When using an automated trading robot, it is easy to get carried away with the extreme ease with which trades can be performed. This can lead to excessive volume of trading. Although the Navigator helps you earn more money, it will not always be accurate, and therefore you must be mindful of the amounts you are investing.

Binary options is a volatile financial derivative, and investment tool that can generate huge profits, but also cause some traders to lose money. To avoid loss, customers should seek some advice from their account managers, and be careful to invest only funds that they can afford to lose.

How to use the Navigator

Binary options trading involves three simple steps:

  1. Choosing an asset
  2. Choosing an investment value
  3. Making a prediction

Within minutes, the trade expires and the results are defined. Binary options can either expire in-the-money or out-of-the-money. If you are able to achieve a larger amount of correct predictions, you can enjoy humongous profits.

The Option Navigator is extremely easy to use, because it is built into your trading platform, and therefore all it requires from you is to choose your trades. The software creates a signal by highlighting each current potential trade with either the Green color (signaling that it is recommending a “Call” option) or in Red (a signal to choose a “Put” binary option).

By following this trading signals, traders can increase substantially their profit levels. Since binary options payouts are extremely high, even a slight improvement can translate into significant amounts of money. Once you learn to use the Option Navigator consistently, you can generate an additional monthly income.

Option Navigator Review Summary

  • Option Navigator is a sophisticated automated trading robot
  • It helps you select your trades and achieve higher accuracy rates
  • A better accuracy percentage results in increased profits
  • Option Navigator can only be used when opening an account with a certified broker
  • Only licensed and regulate binary options brokers are allowed to offer Option Navigator
  • This software does not require downloading and is free of charge
  • Once it has a larger client database, Option Navigator will probably cease to be a free tool
  • Therefore it is recommended to join in now, while it is still accessible without pay
  • StockPair is a certified brokers you can use to access Option Navigator