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OptionTime was recently launched and is currently targeting the French and Italian markets as it massively invests in its attempt to become a meaningful force in the European binary industry. Learn everything you need to know about this new broker.

OptionTime Comparison

OptionTime is a company regulated by the Cyprus Regulatory Authority, known as Cysec. This broker is owned by a large corporation which owns several forex sites, online casinos, and even additional binary options brands.

To be able to review the pros and cons of OptionTime, first understand what the leading brokers offer you nowadays.

TopOption is currently regarded as the safest, fastest growing and predominant company in the binary trading scenario. Fully regulated and offering a diversified asset portfolio, this company is known to give the highest payouts in the market, but most importantly, to hire highly professional investment counselors which help traders learn the ins and outs of binary trading. If you are looking for professionalism and assurance, TopOption has the best combination. It currently offers a 100% cash-bonus promotion:

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OptionBit is another major binary broker, licensed and secure. What differentiates this company is that it is the only one to offer Algobit, the most advanced and efficient trading signals software for binary options. This tool is incorporated into the platform, scans the markets in real time, identifies and executes trader which have a higher probability of success, thus elevating your accuracy levels and profit. All you need to do when using Algobit is approve each trade and enjoy the higher return rates.

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While these companies, OptionTime included, are properly licensed to operate in Europe, their regulation does not cover the USA. Therefore, for American traders, the best destination is RedWood Options, one of the largest and most efficient companies in the binary markets. Offering more than 80 videos for you to learn and develop trading strategies, this firm has an excellent customer service and also offers a generous welcome cash bonus.
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How does OptionTime compare to all these offers and advantages available through their top competitors? While it has entered the market with full force, there are some issues that need to be addressed before investing with this broker.

What is OptionTime

SafeCap Investments ltd is the company that owns the OptionTime brand. This corporation has a long history and presence on the online trading scene, as well as the gaming industry. While there are some advantages, considering their experience and financial strength, SafeCap has also had a history of scam accusations and questionable reputation.

Definitely the regulation stamp received through CySec is a positive start for OptionTime, although this license is simply an extension of the regulation process that was completed by SafeCap. Yet this company, which owns this and other binary options brokers, has moved its offices around quite frequently, rising doubts and uneasiness from clients.

Initially based in the UK, it then transferred to the territory of Gibraltar, before eventually moving to Cyprus, all this within a span of less than 24 month. Since stability is an important factor you need to consider when choosing the financial institution where you wish to invest your money, this history of migration is not a good sign.

OptionTime Terms and Promotions

Two examples of the type of problematic points that involve choosing OptionTime can be observed in the bonus promotions they offer. While receiving a cash gift to your account is an attractive marketing gift, OptionTime terms mention that your ability to withdraw funds after receiving such bonus is substantially limited.

Besides having to trade 40 times the amount of the bonus offered before being able to free your money, the conditions you must accept when signing up with OptioTime hide other questionable clauses.

One such clause mentions the fact that your money might be deposited in a bank account outside the European Union, in which case, the regulation which OptionTime openly proud itself on may not guarantee the safety of your deposit! In other words, while the company is licensed, this may not help you at all when such a regulatory stamp is most needed.

OptionTime Assets Review

While the site states that there are more than 180 assets in its trading platform, the current amount of available assets seems to be very small. This might be due to the fact that OptionTime was just recently launched, and more assets will be added through 2014. Yet at this stage, creating a diversified investment portfolio would be very challenging.

As most all other brokers, OptionTime offer 4 types of options, including Currencies, Stocks, Indices and Commodities. The payouts offered are average for the market, although this should be of no concern to you, since binary trading returns are always high.

For that same reason, you should always keep in mind that financial derivatives with such a high profit percentage involve similarly high risks. Therefore, using proper trading strategies and hedge methods is an important part of your trading methods.

OptionTime Education Center

In order to help clients improve their skills and accuracy level when trading binary options, serious companies always create online educational centers that will allow traders to gain the proper knowledge. Such instructional tools vary greatly from broker to broker, both in size and in the quality of the material offered.

OptionTime have developed such an online academy offering articles, videos and an ebook, among other services. While it is a promising start, it is difficult to evaluate to what extent this assistance is effective. Since this broker’s site is very recent, there is yet no real feedback from traders regarding this tutorials.

In fact, the recency of OptionTime might be the main reason why choosing this binary broker is not yet advisable. With other brokers offering excellent trading packages, experience and reliability, there seems to be no added value in choosing this company as of yet.

OptionTime Review – Summary

  • OptionTime is a binary options brand that was recently launched by SafeCap Investments Ltd.
  • This large online trading corporation has other binary trading sites besides OptionTime, as well as forex, CFD’s and gaming sites.
  • OptionTime is available in five languages, although its current primary markets are Italy and France.
  • American citizens cannot trade with OptionTime, which is regulated in Europe through the CySec financial authority.
  • This regulation license might not be enough to protect your investment, as is experessed in the small print of OptionTime’s terms and conditions.
  • This binary broker has developed a well-structured site and might become a viable option in the future, but currently, it is too early to either trust or recommend it.
  • Considering OptionTime a scam would be an exaggeration, yet some of the clauses it includes and the constant changes in address suggest caution.