Regal Options Scam


Is Regal Options a reliable binary broker?

Is this the financial institution you should use for trading online?

If you want to protect your investment from fraud and earn money safely, discover the truth behind the Regal Options site.

What is Regal Options

Regal options is a new binary options brand owned by T.B.S. Best Strategy Finance Ltd., the same company which owns and manages Cedar Finance. Cedar Finance is widely considered the greatest scam of the binary industry, and therefore Regal Options is obviously not reliable.

Comparison to the leading brokers

When comparing Regal Options to trustworthy and legitimate binary brokers it becomes clear why this broker should not be trusted or chosen as the destination for your online investment.

UBinary is widely considered the most reliable and successful company in the binary options industry. This broker has full control of its platform and site (while Regal Options is a white label company that does not own its trading platform), it offers an excellent variety of assets and is known to have the best financial experts to guide you through your trading experience. In addition to all these advantages, it also offers a 100% cash bonus that helps you increase the profitability of your account:

Optionbit is another example of a company offering multiple advantages. This experienced binary broker was among the first to offer one-on-one training sessions, and has developed Algobit, an award-winning signals software that is incorporated to the trading platform and allows you to earn more money by identifying the best trading opportunities available through investment markets worldwide. In sharp contrast with Regal Options, OptionBit is renowned for its impeccable customer service, and is perfect for new investors:
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Redwood Options is the top broker for USA traders. Most binary option companies do not operate in the USA, including Regal Options and the other brokers mentioned above. Redwood Options are focused in catering to American clients, and offer the largest video library of the binary options field, helping you learn trading strategies and risk management through more than 80 instructional videos. Click their banner to register for a free online Webinar and begin creating profit online.

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Trust indeed is the biggest issue for Regal Options, which is associated to a company that has had its name involved in multiple scam allegations.

Is Regal Options Legit?

It is not uncommon for online trading companies to own more than one brand, enabling brokers to cater to specific markets. Redwood Options, for example, own TradeRush, a company focusing on the Australian and Asian markets. Regal Options was launched as recently as 2013 as a sister company of Cedar Finance, yet the sites are mostly identical, and one does not offer any advantages or uniqueness over the other.

As a white label company using the SpotOption trading software and platform, the regulation offered by Regal Option is limited. Since the company does not own a trading interface, your money is being traded on a separate site, and therefore the safety of your money is not guaranteed.

More importantly, certain aspects of the Regal Options site create doubts as to its legitimacy. For example, the CEO seems to be an imaginary character (you will not find any information online about a CEO of an online trading firm?!), the site offers no real information about the company, and the bonuses offered are really a way to limit your ability to withdraw funds. Of course, you will only discover this by reading the fine print of the site’s terms and conditions.

Such attitudes create a trust problem. Binary options trading is a high risk investment, and adding to that risk factor by choosing a shady company does not add to your chances of success.

Assets and Payouts

An important aspect of investing with this financial derivative is the portfolio of assets you build and trade with. It is advisable to always choose assets that you are more knowledgeable about, and have researched thoroughly. The top brokers in this industry will help you create a winning portfolio.

In order to have broader opportunities, the asset list of your broker should be varied and include options from multiple markets. There are four types of binary options, which include currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Each has specific advantages, and therefore it is best to operate with a broker gives you an ample selection of each.

Regal Options do offer a reasonable variety of assets, enough to create a diverse investment portfolio. They do not, however, offer a free signals tool that can scan markets in real time and follow-up the results of all these assets.

Payouts, on the other hand, are not so significant when choosing your broker. The return rate of options trading is very high, and whether a broker offers a 70% return or a 85% return will hardly matter in the long run.

To succeed in binary trading, accuracy levels are more important that payout values. If you are able to maintain a high percentage of accuracy throughout your trading sessions, the profit will be huge.

That is a key reason for choosing companies that give you assistance and offer guidance for new traders, eliminating the disadvantages that inexperience sometimes causes.

Regal Options Scam Summary

  • Launched roughly a year ago, this binary options broker lacks the experience and knowhow offered by top broker.
  • Regal Options is a sister company of Cedar Finance. Both brokers have been accused of fraud and have a problematic reputation.
  • Regal Options does not offer the educational resources, trading tools and assistance that can be found with the leading corporations of the options industry.
  • The site is well structured, but reliability issues arise when realizing that certain key information is either missing or misleading.
  • Payouts offered by Regal Options are within the market average and their asset list is varied.
  • Whether it is an actual scam or not, Regal Options is not the best choice for your investment and caution is advised.