Searching Profits Scam


Searching Profits Scam Analysis

With so many false promises of fast profits on the internet, taking calculated risk is an important step for anyone looking to make money online. Searching Profits is a new tool that markets itself as your opportunity to earn important sums quickly. Is it a scam?

The reason you should not worry nor consider Searching Profits a scam is because this software is only available through properly licensed brokers which guarantee the safety of your deposit, and because Searching Profits is an evident success, and online traders in the UK are very satisfied with its results. The Searching Profits site indeed is a simple click away, and you could start profiting through it within minutes.

Searching Profits Monthly Recommendation

Every month Searching Profits defines a designated binary options broker through which you can trade and profit. The common denominator for all these companies is that they are properly licensed to operate as financial firms in Europe.

This months recommended broker is StockPair, among the largest corporations in the online trading field. StockPair offers clients educational tools, investment advisers and even a cash welcome bonus. This is recognized as a safe and reliable site for trading and earning money online.


Why is Searching Profits Safe

To trade binary options you need to open an account with a broker (this can be done through the Searching Profits interface using the above-link as well). There are two distinct types of binary options companies:

  1. Regulated Brokers which are supervised and aided by financial authorities
  2. Brokers that are not licensed to operate as investment companies

The difference between these two can very well be what will allow you to earn money online and avoid losing your funds. Regulated companies must comply to strict rules and laws that guarantee the safety of your deposit (much the same as banks and other financial entities). On the other hand, brokers with no such license leave the client completely exposed to fraud. There is no way to protect the money or withdraw it other than depending on the broker’s good will.

Searching Profits developers are well aware of this, and therefore only allow fully regulated binary firms to offer the software. In other words, Searching Profits have taken the most meaningful step to ensuring the safety of your investment.

How Searching Profits Helps You

Understanding binary trading is very simple and can be summarized this way: A correct trade creates a huge profit while an incorrect trade creates a slightly larger loss. So as long as you achieve one successful trade to each unsuccessful trade, you are not going to earn money.

Binary options are so called because they word binary is defined as involving two things. In this case: only two possible outcomes per trade: wrong or right. Therefore, you always have a 50% chance to succeed. As was explained, this is not enough, and this is exactly what triggered the developers of Searching Profits to create this trading software.

Although it is so beneficial that it raises suspicion of scam, Searching Profits is indeed an innovative system that is able to use data from stock markets, cross-checking and algorithms to predict binary trades correctly at a rate which is higher than the initial odds. Although its prognosis will also fail several times during a trading session, Searching Profits was designed to ultimately outdo the average trader’s performance, and this slight improvement is what generates so much money for you.

Your path to making money

Although one trade can help you turn 50 euro into almost 100 within minutes, do not expect this to be the level of return on your investment. Of course, the Searching Profits ads might market their robot as your opportunity to earn an extra income immediately, but that depends with how much money you get started.

The process of earning with online trading is accumulative. In other words, if you begin with 1000 Euro, and are able to finish the week with a 5% margin, you will have earned 50 euros throughout the week. If this sounds like not much at all, the following facts may surprise you:

If you are able to earn 5% again the next week, you will have then received an additional 52 euro (instead of the 50 in the first week). Why the small increase? Because you started the 2nd week with 50 dollars more in your account, and that accumulation worked to your favor. Here is the beauty of such results, though: at such a rate, with the help of Searching Profits, your initial 1000 can become more than 155,000 in a couple of years.

Searching Profits Scam Conclusion

  • Searching Profits is not a scam, it is a real trading software that helps you profit
  • Searching Profits can only be used after opening a trading account. It only allows opening such an account with a professional, regulated broker
  • Using Searching Profits is very easy and you can start trading within minutes
  • Binary trading is nonetheless a high-risk investment that is based on speculation
  • The volatility of financial markets and the short term expiries of binary trades increase the risk
  • Therefore using this modern tool should be an important part of your trading strategy
  • Recently launched, Searching Profits was designed to succeed precisely with UK clients
  • Binary options in the United Kingdom is the most popular form of online investment