StockPair Scam


Is the StockPair scam true?

Is it safe to invest with this binary options company?

Now that you have decided to increase your income trading binary options, choosing where to invest is the key to your success. This review will clarify the scam complaints and enable you to select between StockPair and other binary brokers as the destinations for your profit-making goals.

Comparison to other brokers

StockPair is a large binary options broker and one of global market leaders of the binary options industry. This company is constantly growing and offering diversity and safety to its clients. When compared to the most reputable companies, it has certain advantages that are very important to the success of your investment. Here is a comparison to some of the leading firms in the market:

Stockpair offers an effective 1-on-1 training program, as well as a unique investment system that pairs stocks and allows you to benefit from market situations unavailable with other binary brokers. StockPair also has a considerably large asset list, which gives you the opportunity of building the best investment portfolio. Since 2014, it is also offering risk-free trades to new traders. This is no scam, and choosing StockPair is a safe and profitable opportunity:

StockPair banner

Redwood Options, one of the largest and most experienced binary companies worldwide, is also the only broker to exclusively offer you more than 80 training videos. These amazing tutorials allow you to enjoy all market opportunities and increase profits while learning trading strategies.  With their team of professional advisers and efficient customer service, Redwood is an excellent choice for you to make money with:

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GOptions offer risk free trades, a large cash bonus, and one-on-one learning sessions, an important benefit for new traders. If you are seeking to become an online trading expert, this USA broker offers a young a dynamic group of account managers that have been praised by traders for their patient and professionalism in helping clients improve their investment’s results and earn more money:

goptions bannergoptions banner

Banc de Binary is the perfect destination for European clients. It  is known to have one of the best educational centers in the binary field, with the best tutorials, online courses and free professional investment advice. It also offers you the largest payouts, with up to 95% per trade, and a very generous cash bonus that is added to your first deposit. What really makes a big difference, though, is that Banc de Binary is regulated in Europe and sponsors the Liverpool FC club. It is currently offering a 100% cash bonus which immediately doubles the size of your investment:

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What is StockPair

StockPair emerged in the market in mid 2011, about 3 years after binary options surfaced as a new trend in financial derivatives. It began its activities catering initially to the UK and Spanish market, quickly shifting its focus to other English speaking countries. StockPair later expanded to France, Holland and Germany with relative success.

Although it is based in Cyprus, where it is registered under the legal name Nextrade Worldwide Ltd., StockPair is not regulated by the Cyprus Securities Commission, and therefore there is no external supervision on the financial activities of this broker. Although this does not mean there is a scam, it does give you a clear idea as to the type of binary corporations you should be searching for.

StockPair Complaints

Allegations of scam are commonly directed at binary companies. This is a direct result of the volatility of this investment. The high risk involved in binary trading affects traders who are less prepared, and substantial loss then results in finger-pointing and fraud allegations.

Yet in reality, the fact remains that high yields cannot be offered unless high risk is involved. What you need to do to avoid a negative outcome is choose a broker which enables you to learn online trading strategies and risk control. Is StockPair such a company?

Obviously, StockPair scam rumors have dies down after this brker began offering more educational tools. Yet accusations of fraud are largely exaggerated. This company not only informs clients of risk, it also has a tutorial explaining how to manage your risk. Almost no other binary firm offers more extensive training and learning videos. StockPair does more than enough to clarify that binary options are to be traded with caution.

Online Risk Management

If fear of fraud is what has stopped you from opening an account with this broker, you can put your worries to rest. But if what you are searching for is the best scenario for you online investment, other brokers do offer more.

Furthermore, opening accounts with more than one binary firm is an excellent strategy to reduce risk and enjoy a variety of benefits. Remember that Banc de Binary is the safest company for your funds, and that each of the brokers mentioned above has unique advantages for you to enjoy. Give yourself the best  success odds by selecting the best tools the market offers.

Binary trading has to be treated with caution. This financial derivative is speculative and volatile and you need to invest wisely while remembering that StockPair, albeit not a scam, is not a financial institution comparable to your local bank. Without supervision and regulation, it is little more than a site on the internet, and although so far there have been no major issues, it is a risk.

StockPair is a white label company using the SpotOption trading platform. The platform is easy to use and has all the technological advantages you will need. But white label firms such as StockOption are limited in their potential growth, as they cannot become public companies tradable in stock markets.

StockPair Scam Summary

  • StockPair is a large and reliable binary options company
  • It is based in Cyprus, yet operates worldwide
  • Its asset list is among the largest available in the market
  • There is no StockPair scam, as risk warnings are clear and accessible on their site
  • StockPair offers learning tools and assistance but is not regulated in Europe.
  • Other brokers do offer benefits that are important and are not found on the StockPair site

StockPair Scam Updates

Since April 2014, StockPair is offering excellent webinars to help clients improve the results and accuracy percentage of their accounts. These webinars are an important tool for customers that want to become skilled online traders.

StockPair has launched a new promotion to kick off 2014, offering clients risk-free trades and a 50% bonus. Risk free trades are an excellent way to start your trading sessions without any risk-taking, and adding some money to your account.

As of August 2013, StockPair has successfully increased its presence in the Dutch market. The Netherlands is a country that has recently seen a huge boost in its digital trading numbers. Many brokers have turned their attention to this small but active member of the EU. Among others, the StockPair site is available in Dutch, and hence this binary options broker has been able to take advantage of the strong surge in trading activity.

Next in line is Italy, one of the largest options markets worldwide, and a country that StockPair has been targeting from the onset. The expansion of StockPair already positions this emerging binary trading company among the TOP 20 firms in the binary field.