StockPair Review


StockPair is a large binary options broker with a site that offers much more than the trading platform. A review of this broker’s platform reveals it has some unique characteristics.

This company is definitely a very recommended choice for new traders, while experienced ones will find the diversity of the trading possibilities at least intriguing. Offering options with longer expiry terms, of up to one month, this binary firm is certainly innovative. StockPair is regulated by the CySEC and therefore completely safe:


StockPair Binary Options

With a site very lacking in information, educational tools, online assistance and serious investment guidance, StockPair still has something working for it: the pairing of stocks one against the other, which enables you to forecast which of the two chosen stock will perform better.

Hence the company’s name: StockPair. A review of this type of binary option isn’t complete until we analyze how the available choices of expiration create a new trading tool. Each stock pairing can be purchased as an option with expiration of a week or even a month.

Such long-term investment, when compared to regular trading, is a refreshing and interesting concept in this market.

Market Expansion

With a relatively unique product at hand, StockPair has set a goal of expanding to several world markets. As a result, the site is available in several languages, such as French, Greek and Arabic.
The results have been mixed. This binary options broker has been able to establish a customer base in Europe and the USA, and is a company in constant growth, treated mostly as a leader for online expert traders.

Reviewing StockPair Services

StockPair is located in the binary options safe haven, Cyprus. This country is the path of all binary options brokers to the much sought-after regulation. Although the license itself is not an assurance that all is well, it is an added proof of being a serious corporation.

StockPair is licensed to offer trades throughout Europe, which is not the case of mostly all other binary option companies. That is why binary firms should be very clear about the risks involving trading this financial derivative. Although some information is given on other sites, generally, a review of StockPair’s approach to information about risk management reveals it is very informative.

Furthermore, the amount and quality of educational tools that would enable clients to improve their expertise and results is huge. As a trader, you should always look for the brokers who offer the most advanced learning videos and introduce you to new trading strategies.

StockPair Payouts

With average yields of 80% per trade, Stockpair is a middle-of-the-pack broker in terms of payout values. Since binary options are highly profitable, the value of gains offered by each broker should not trouble you much.

The way to choose the best company is not by comparing the percentages offered, but by researching for the binary firm that increases your odds of success. To benefit from binary trading it is necessary to accurately predict at least 56% of all trades, and that number is very hard to attain without proper financial guidance.

Nowadays UBinary is considered the broker offering the most professional package of guidance, educational tools, payouts and bonuses. When you must select between StockPair and a rival company offering one-on-one training, online courses, 15% more money per trade and up to 100% cash as a bonus, opting for UBinary is certainly an option:

StockPair Review Summary

With a unique trading platform and the possibility to create a portfolio with a longer-term investment outlook, StockPair has created an interesting niche within the binary options market.

Although the site has excellent educational material and meaningful information, besides offering a very large selection of stocks paired against each other. Traders are allowed speculate which stock will outperform the other within a day, a week or a month.

The StockPair site offers all the necessary information about the risks involving binary trading and the techniques available to reduce loss.

In most cases a gain of 80% per trade is offered by this company, a value considered average in the binary options market.

StockOption operates worldwide and is available in almost 10 languages . It’s main markets are the UK and France.

This broker is recommended to both experienced traders who have already had a chance to learn the ins and outs of online trading as well as newcomers.