The Trading Compass Robot


The Trading Compass – Introduction

Is the Trading Compass really capable of creating profits?
Can it indeed multiply the value of your first deposit?

The basic answer is yes, it can. Yet you still will need to use the software wisely and cautiously in order to see a consistent result and income. Bottom line, you should sign up and open an account through the Trading Compass site, because the sooner you start the faster you earn.

The Trading Compass Pros

Here are the main advantages of this binary options automated trading software:

  • The Trading Compass is a free service which requires no downloads or installing
  • The software is easy to use and understand. It spares you the need of learning online trading strategies
  • It has two settings: manual mode or fully automatic. You get to decide how much control the Trading Compass has when executing trades
  • You trade safely with licensed companies only. The Trading Compass provides the software only to the leading, regulated binary options brokers worldwide

As a result of these advantages, using the Trading Compass is a smart move which can provide a second income for anyone who is willing to open an account and start operating the trading platform.

Possible Cons

No product is free of criticism or flawless. Although the Trading Compass was created to determine the outcome of binary options trades, it too can make wrong predictions. The accuracy level of your account overall should improve significantly when using the software, but it will still be subjected to trades which will not end in the money.

The fact remains that binary trading involves volatility and a lot of speculation. Results are greatly influenced by more than just financial news. Political unrest, natural disasters and other external factors can cause stock markets to suddenly oscillate, and depending on the dynamics, the software might perform poorly.

That is why it is important to follow a few simple rules to benefit fully from what this program offers:

  1. Make a larger first deposit: The minimum deposit required is roughly 200 euro (or dollars), yet if you are able to, it is better to start off with more. It will give you flexibility to ride the bullish trends that the Trading Compass identifies, and the breathing space to withstand any bearish, sluggish markets.
  2. Navigate between manual and automatic: When the software is on a role, the auto mode allows it to perform multiple trades at once and increase profits sharply. Yet, when it’s a bit off, the manual setting allows you to monitor and cautiously use the Trading Manual.
  3. Have patience: Binary options are all about oscillations and opportunity. At times, you might be in the loss column, and at times, in the gains column. Do not take either too seriously. It is the consistency of your own method and that of the Trading Compass that can slowly but responsibly lead you to larger gains.

The Trading Compass Account

The Trading Compass is not a trading platform provider. Therefore, when you are investing in binary options and using this outstanding software to achieve better results, your account is not operated by the Trading Compass site. It is necessary that you open an account with a binary options broker.

The best brokers are those who are regulated and supervised by their financial authorities. It means that the money they receive from clients must be deposited in a special account with a large European bank, and kept there for users to withdraw their profits when they wish to. The licensed brokers can only remove from that controlled account the value they have in fact earned.

That way, your balance is always safe and available to you. The Trading Compass only associates with these type of brokers, and therefore, when you open an account through the Trading Compass site, you are assured to be starting your trading experience with a safe, reliable and regulated company.

Profit Rate

The Trading Compass through its promotional video seems like a device that can turn 500 euro into thousands within days. This is not an accurate description of the product. There is no attempt to scam the viewer. This is simply a marketing strategy that stresses the potential of the software. Indeed, some lucky clients might attain such excellent results as quickly as the video suggests.

Yet, in reality, the rates at which profits accumulate are slower. The Trading Compass has a high accuracy percentage, yet even when using this system, some of the trades are predicted erroneously. There are ups and downs in the financial markets and constantly earning the maximum values is improbable.

The good news are that even then, a slow and steady use of the Trading Compass coupled with the return rates offered by binary options, can generate significant income eventually. To clarify this point better, we will offer an example:

How money accumulates

If you start out with 1000 euro, it might take weeks before you actually see any real results. Yet as time carries on, some amazing things can happen. In finance and investments, time and a good interest rate can cause a snowball reaction, and when that is a snowball of profits, it can be an excellent situation for you.

If a broker offers in average an 85% yield per trade, then you need to correctly predict 55% of your trades to generate profit. This is a little bit more than half the trades. Using the Trading Compass, this is possible.

That accuracy level will lead to a yield of about 1.5%. In other words, as you trade throughout the day, with ups and downs, a 55% final success rate will have allowed you to earn 20 euro, and your balance will have increased to 1020.

This might seem like a very discouraging amount, but a 1.5% daily return rate is huge. Maintaining such a rate throughout a couple of years, while using the Trading Compass software to allow you to reach such high level of correct predictions, your 1000 euro will transform into more than 1 million euro. Even if you only trade on weekdays.

The Trading Compass – Conclusion

The Trading Compass is a new, highly sophisticated trading software used for binary options. It is free of charge, and has the additional benefit of being installed automatically on the platform of the best, most reliable brokers in this industry.

The Trading Compass is known to some as Sir William or the SirWilliamBot. This is simply the way the product was being referred to while it was being developed.

You can open an account with any of these regulated companies directly through the Trading Compass site. The system will be ready to use immediately. The high yields of binary trading and excellence of the software allow you to profit and earn money online.

Although it might take some time, this is an excellent investment. The larger your initial deposit, the faster your account can grow. Yet remember, that online trading with financial derivatives has an aspect of risk. The results are not guaranteed and ups and downs in profitability are to be expected.