Top Trading Tools 2016


The best robots – 2016 Preview

Binary options trading robots are one of the best solutions for new and inexperienced traders who want to make money online. Automated and allowing users to enjoy high return rates without the need of prior knowledge, these software are capable of performing trades with a high rate of accuracy. This precision translates into a constant growth in the balance of your trading account.

But not all offers are recommended. Some robots have showed poor results, while others seem to be an outright scam. Here is a look at the most promising systems for 2016.

  • Preditrend – This French robot is an amazing artificial intelligence mechanism that scans stock markets and identifies new opportunities for you. Read more about Preditrend and understand fully how this system is capable of dramatically increasing your income.
  • Trading30eLode – An Italian binary options trading robot, this software offers a lifetime free subscription to new traders and has achieved high percentages of prediction since being launched in December 2015. Trading30eLode targets the Italian market, but you can benefit from it as well.
  • TradeBlitz24 – The Blitz is an innovative and extremely efficient software, as should be expected from high-tech German products. TradeBlitz24 was launched only recently but is already being considered an advanced system for free automated trading.

Scam Alerts

While the above systems have proven to be an attractive offer for any online trader, 2016 also brings with it some scam products that must be avoided:

  • Ultimate4Trading – This new robot is supposed to select indices, stocks, commodities and currencies with amazing accuracy and is marketed as a system that is extremely easy to use. You should read a full review about Ultimate4Trading, or directly access this robot overview, to better understand the risks of using this scam software.

Risks and Expectations

Binary options trading was introduced in 2009 to financial markets worldwide and has since grown to become one of the largest online investments available. Its very high yields and simple structure allows new investors to find quick success and its fast paced trading platform is thrilling.

Nonetheless, as one should expect from a financial derivative offering 85% return on each single transaction, binary trading is a high-risk option and should be treated as such. Make sure you clearly understand the pros and cons of choosing to invest with binary options and always prefer brokers which are regulated and safe.

Visit the links above to obtain more information about these automated trading tools and choose one that best fits your investment profile.