TradeRush Scam


Should you worry about rumors of a TradeRush Scam?

Is it safe to invest money with this binary options broker?

Here are a couple of facts you need to know before opening an account with TradeRush:

  • You can turn $500 into $2000 in just one day by trading binary options
  • You can lose $500 in just one trade when investing in binary options

Turning money into more money is possible, as is avoiding the risk of loss. And how can you get it done? By choosing the right broker, which contributes substantially to achieving the right outcome. So should you opt for TradeRush in spite of the scam accusations, or prefer other binary companies?

What is TradeRush

TradeRush is a binary options trading company that was launched in late 2011 and focused its effort towards the USA market from the onset. Today it is one of the largest binary options broker worldwide. Although its trading platform is available in several languages, most customers are either British or Australian. Based in Cyprus and under the ownership of Edbruke Investments, TradeRush has recently faced the challenge of dealing with the Cypriot Financial Crisis, which has had several binary firms scrambling out of this hard-hit European country. It successfully weathered the storm and is now a fully regulated broker in the European Union.

But do all these facts matter when selecting the best place to profit with? No. What you need to focus on is finding out what companies give you the tools to learn online trading, financial investment strategies and risk control. Your binary broker needs to be your partner, and that is your fastest path to profit-making.

Here is how TradeRush compares to the top brokers. Regardless of size or market share, these are the companies that lead the way in what matters to you, creating profit:

For traders outside of the USA, UBinary has  clear advantages over TradeRush because that it gives you the highest payouts in binary trading: 95% profit per trade. But the real difference are the learning tools: when you sign-up with the UBinary site you have professional advisers assisting you 24/7. You receive trading strategy training courses and an educational center that is by far the best on the market. Deposit today to receive a 100% bonus.

Very recommended by fellow traders is 24Option. This binary company has the best trading videos library, with more than 80 videos available for free as soon as you sign up. It enables you to learn online trading strategies and see your profits increase immediately. This serious and professional broker offers a complete trading guide and a you can join their webinar now. An excellent choice for new traders who want to invest and see immediate results:

StockPair is another top broker with some uniqe offers, such as risk-free trades, same-day withdrawals and guaranteed prices of assets during trading.  It also offers a free signals tool and is known to offer a high level of customer service to its clients:


Now lets get back to analyzing Tradeush and the fraud rumors surrounding it.

Is TradeRush legit?

Before you ask yourself whether TradeRush is a legitimate broker, you must first understand what a binary options broker does and doesn’t do:

  1. It sells you the opportunity to predict the outcome of a binary option
  2. It earns money when the prediction is wrong
  3. It loses money when the prediction is right
  4. It does not give brokerage services
  5. It does not take a commission
  6. It does not act as an agent for you or any other party

Most importantly, here is what a legit binary options broker does:

  • It helps you understand your risk factor
  • It helps you learn how to avoid risk and trade intelligently
  • It gives you real time support, because binary options is a real time investment
  • It sends you your profit promptly

TradeRush does a good job in offering clients the opportunity to learn how to trade efficiently. Creating a profit is definitely possible, and their personnel will also explain how to minimize the speculative nature of binary options and avoid loss.

In that sense the talk of a TradeRush scam is exaggerated and unfair when measured against allegations against Cedar Finance. So why does the image of this company gets tarnished with fraud rumors?

TradeRush Complaints

TradeRush is apparently a binary broker like any other. Their platform is managed by SpotOption, the largest platform provider of the binary market, and therefore the trading experience is excellent. The site is well built, clear and accessible, with a reasonable amount of information on various investment-related topics.

Nonetheless, understanding and trading this financial derivative profitably isn’t enough. After all, once a trader is able to achieve a reasonable payout, they should be allowed to enjoy it. This simple fact used to be a major issue when trading with TradeRush.

The TradeRush scam allegations began mostly as a result of clients not receiving their earning duly. TradeRush withdrawal complaints became a constant theme on the social network, with many traders reporting difficulties in receiving the monies they had been able to gain with accurate trades.

To avoid being targeted with accusations of fraud, TradeRush improved their customer service, cleared away much of the bureaucracy, and began to transfer funds swiftly to traders who wished to withdraw their funds. Once this happened, the scam label clearly disappeared. As a result of the increasingly effective and accurate financial assistance offered by TradeRush, this binary broker has become a reliable destination for traders looking to learn and profit from binary trading.

Watching out for scam signs

Binary options trading is a very high risk investment instrument. Obviously, a tool that can create immediate 80% payouts has to have a similar downside, or worse. Traders complaining about TradeRush after having lost their deposits with unsuccessful predictions should understand: that is not enough to declare a TradeRush scam.

And yet, there are signs that can provide an insight to the true intentions of a broker. Serious and reliable binary companies are interested in allowing their clients to succeed. Since the risk is mathematical and statistically most clients will end up losing part of their investment, legit firms want to give traders a better chance to profit.

One sign of this serious approach is providing customers with a demo account or a welcome cash-bonus. Such tools allow traders to practice and improve their skills without risking their own money. It also allows you to test new trading strategies and make amends before implementing it on the live trading platform.

A TradeRush demo account is not available to clients, although their bonuses are high and attractive. Furthermore, they do offer trading courses and video tutorials to both beginners and experienced traders. They also have a varied asset list, and building a portfolio to enhance you investment options is a real possibility.

TradeRush Scam Summary

  1. TradeRush is a well know binary options broker
  2. Any allegations of fraud cannot be related to the site itself, which offers a good trading experience
  3. Nonetheless, complaints about difficulties with withdrawal of monies created scam rumors
  4. Such claims were frequent, and TradeRush consciously made a vast improvement to its bureaucratic systems so as to be considered legitimate
  5. Regardless, you can always choose brokers with excellent reputation and service, such as Ubinary or OptionBit
  6. Remember that binary options is risky. All brokers mentioned in this article offer risk protection mechanisms and 24/7 support and trading guidance.

TradeRush Scam Updates

  • As of early 2014 TradeRush is fully regulated by the Cyprus Securities Commission.  This helps clients in Europe receive additional guarantees to the safety of their deposits.
  • As of late July, 2013, TradeRush has incorporated two additional languages to its site: Swedish and Russian. The Russian binary options market in particular has been on a steady growth pattern, creating the expectation among brokers worldwide that this will be the next large expansion for the online trading business.To ensure clients in those counries are able to use their local currencies, TradeRush has added several partners to their payment solutions, the likes of Yandex Money, a very popular payment method used in Russia, a country with rather complicated laws for local citizens wishing to transfer monies abroad. TradeRush hopes are two finish the year 2013 with a significant boost from these expanding markets, as it attempts to develop from its American-based client force to a more global binary brand.
  • TradeRush have launched a new version of their iPhone application for online trading, with the hopes of attracting new customers in what is considered a relatively week month of June. The 2.15 Version has fixed some server bugs and enables traders to use pretty much all the assets and option types available on the trading platform.Added to the existing Android application, TradeRush are giving clients further services with the hopes of improving their reputation, which had suffered from scam rumors in the past.
  • On May 20th, TradeRush has introduced new assets to an already long list of availble options. Among the new assets, Boeing and BlackBerry Stocks as well as indices from Asian markets.More importantly, is has introduced Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin is a digital currency know for its highly volatile exchange rate. Therefore it is recommended not to use this investment tool offered by TradeRush and other binary brokers recently. Bitcoin binary options are highly speculative and should be avoided.