TradeRush Review


Is TradeRush a trustworthy and professional broker?

How does TradeRush compare to other binary options brokers?

We review the pros and cons of this US based broker.

TradeRush is a well known binary options company that was launched in mid 2011. It caters mainly to English-speaking countries such as the USA and the UK, where it holds large shares of the market.
Among all binary options brokers, TradeRush is the one that deals with the second largest amount of scam accusations (behind only Cedar Finance, which takes home the scam trophy…). In this review you will have the opportunity of understanding the pros and cons of investing your money with TradeRush.

TradeRush Comparison

TradeRush market binary options for what they are: an opportunity to create big profits from online trading. Of course, binary trading is as risky as it is profitable, and the need for caution is paramount for success.

Even in this department, TradeRush do not stray much from mainstream marketing proposition of this field: to stress the size of payouts while also mentioning the level of risk.

Regulated brokers such as TradeRush do a much better job at alerting clients about the probabilities of loss. Some even have mechanisms available to clients who want to have automatic triggers pulled on their accounts when the risk is too high. Here is how TradeRush compare to the top brokers:

If you are looking for a company that helps you understand your odds, optimize your chances and improve your profits, UBinary  is the one binary company where advisers are highly professional and knowledgeable. Since it also offers the highest payout of the market at 91% per trade, and an excellent first-deposit cash bonus, this is a wise selection for your investment.

Another broker that enables you to earn a consistent additional income with its tutorials and educational tools is Redwood Options. With a vast library of trading videos and very precise financial advice, here you wil also receive a bonus that will allow you to start trading with more money in your account. RedWood Options is the only broker among top binary corporations to welcome USA clients:

redwood banner

OptionBit offer the most advanced free signals service tool, Algobit, designed to succeed in binary trading specifically. This amazing software will scan the markets in real time to provide you with the best trades, which the software itself executes, so that you only need to approve the transaction. Such high-tech tools are a big step towards increasing profits:

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Yet TradeRush is also a reliable borker, offering an excellent online webinar to which you can sign up now and start learning strategies and other tips to enhance your profits:

traderush banner

The TradeRush Site

TradeRush is a SpotOption white label, just as Cedar Finance. Actually, this is an advantage. It means they use the most popular and widespread trading platform worldwide. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface to match a clean design.

The content of the site itself is rich and diverse. TradeRush make sure to offer clients updates about the investment markets and world economy. Learning tools such as videos and online support are also available.

The TradeRush site has been translated to several languages, including Spanish and French. Trading videos are available in some of these languages, yet to access any of the instructional videos, one must first register. Registration is free.

Payouts and Options

The asset list at your disposition is varied enough to allow you to diversify your investments appropriately. TradeRush does not by any means have the largest list of options in the market, but more than enough to satisfy the average trader.

Payouts fluctuate between 67 and 81%, considered just about average for the market. One way or another, binary options are very lucrative, and the difference between a broker offering 90% or 80% payouts is meaningless. The real source of profit lies in the ability to consistently make accurate predictions.

So what is the issue with TradeRush? Why does a company that seems to be doing everything right gets has much rumors circulating about its reliability or legitimacy? Let us tackle the real issues…

TradeRush Review Summary

The list of pros strongly outnumbers the list of cons when you compare the two. Most of the time and in most stages of its relationship with traders, TradeRush offer an excellent opportunity for success and profit-making.

Sadly, the sole real negative reputation strongly diminishes the attractiveness of this broker. Hopefully the withdrawals service, which has vastly improved since 2014, will allow clients to fully embrace and trust this otherwise excellent binary broker.

Stay tuned as we keep you posted about TradeRush news or changes made to the trading platform, the asset list or the general services offered. Meanwhile make sure to continue making safe trades and learning more about binary options strategy.