Vault Options Scam


Are you ready to choose a binary options broker?

Considering Vault Options but worried about scam rumors?

Understand how Vault Options compares to the safest corporations available to traders and avoid unnecessary risks. Binary trading can be very profitable, but selecting a reliable broker is the first step in the right direction.

What is Vault Options?

A binary options white label company launched in late 2012, Vault Options is a classic example of what tarnishes the reputation of the online trading industry. Whether it is an outright scam is up for discussion, but the major flaws it presents are obvious and are most visible when Vault Options is compared to the top binary options brokers.

UBinary is an excellent example. This corporation is the only broker licensed both by the CySEC and the UK financial authority. Since it developed its own binary trading platform and is not simply a white label such as Vault Options, your investment is fully guaranteed. The money you deposit with UBinary is automatically transferred to a regulated bank account, and UBinary only gets its share. Your funds are safe at all times.

Furthermore, UBinary is among the largest and most experienced companies of the binary industry. Their team of professional investment counselors will give you the financial assistance needed to become a successful trader. With the highest payouts in the markets, a complete interactive Educational Center and an incredible 100% cash bonus, this is the broker that you want to partner and profit with:

Another excellent broker is OptionBit. A leader in the binary options global markets, OptionBit is the only broker offering free use of the most advanced trading signals service, Algobit. This sophisticated software developed specifically for binary trading scans the stock markets and identifies the highest probability rates for profitable trades. It takes it one step further by executing the transaction for you. All you need to do is approve the trades and enjoy the success percentages this program achieves. Algobit is also the only signals service integrated to the trading platform, allowing full control of automated and manual trades from one interface. Learn more about this advantageous tool now:

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GOptions offers one-on-one tutorials that allow new customers to receive personal financial advice and understand the secrets of binary trading from a trained professional. It also is the only broker to offer risk-free trades and a guarantee of accurate prices of assets during your trading sessions. GOptions caters uniquely to USA clients:


These three examples clearly differentiate between the innovative and safe trading experience you can find with serious companies, and the risk of choosing Vault Options, a broker that is not regulated at all, does not own its trading platform and certainly does not offer the most advanced trading techniques.

Vault Options Withdrawals

One of the main complaints against Vault Options is the difficulty traders encounter in withdrawing monies. This should not come as a surprise to those who take the time to read the terms and conditions at the Vault Options site.

There you will find that Vault Options operate what is commonly known as the bonus scam. In this scenario, new traders are offered a “welcome bonus”, a value in cash added to the clients account. The fine print reads, nonetheless, that this bonus limit the customers right to withdraw money.

As soon as the bonus is given, in most cases automatically, you are obligated to trade at least 20 times the value of your deposit before being allowed to make a withdrawal. This is an unacceptable clause and as a general rule, always avoid receiving bonuses offered by binary brokers. Or even better, choose reliable companies to profit with.

About Vault Options

Since initiating its activities one year ago, Vault Options have focused on English speaking markets, such as the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Binary options trading in the USA is limited to stocks and indices only, and this is not Vault Options fault, but rather an imposition by the CFTC.

The asset list does include currencies and commodities as well, which allow traders to purchase forex options, yet these are only available to traders which are not American citizens.

The Vault Options site is supposed to be available in French and Japanese as well, except that, it is not. In fact, surfing the site one finds errors and empty pages, and a strong indication to the lack of professionalism that characterizes smaller brokers.

Most alarming, though, is the lack of information about the company itself. Vaguely referred to as Vault Options Ltd., there is no indication where this company is geographically situated, or under what legal jurisdiction. When a financial institution that is requesting you to trust it with your hard earned money fails to provide the most basic information, it is a strong sign and an alert to the risks involved.

Trading Platform and Benefits

Vault Options does offer a series of simple yet well planned videos presentations that explain the basics of binary trading, with an advanced segment also expanding into trading strategies and investment methods. This is a most welcome initiative.

The trading platform itself is leased from SpotOption, the largest provider of such softwares. It provides an easy-to-use interface and a variety of options types and assets. While this is also a positive aspect of the site, it is in no way an advantage, since practically any broker worldwide would provide you with this much, and probably more.

Vault Options Scam – Summary

Regardless of classifying Vault Options as a scam, a fraud, or an average binary options broker, certainly this company lacks the following:

    1. Regulation
    2. Experience
    3. Transparency

For these reasons alone, it is best, safer and more profitable to choose brokers that are licensed, accomplished, honest and successful. UBinary, OptionBit and GOptions are good examples.

Binary options trading is a rather novel financial derivative, and although it is speculative and involves risk, it can also provide significant gains. Vault Options is a new company that is currently not ready to provide the tools necessary for succeeding with this type of online trading activity, but perhaps in the future it can build itself into a more serious alternative for traders.